Printable Unicorn Puppet

Who doesn’t love unicorns! These magical creatures are all the rage and this printable unicorn puppet is made to bring a smile to your face. Perfect as an afternoon craft or a must-have for story time.

Once your kids start playing with these games, they won’t be able to stop because they are really fun.

Printable Unicorn Puppet Craft Paper for Kids

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This printable puppet is part of our member puppet series – our aim is to make storytime more fun and encourage more dramatic play in children.

Like the other puppets, this one comes in full color and black and white so kids can color it in. Preschoolers go crazy over these puppets and preschoolers love them too.

How to make a unicorn puppet

What you need:

Step by step instructions to make our printable unicorn puppet

Print out the template (available from our members area) – there are both black and white and color options. We recommend printing on cardstock, but regular printer paper will work just as well.

If you print the black and white version, color it.

Cut out the unicorn.

Also, cut two strips of paper.

There are dotted lines on the strap, fold along those lines.

There are also dashed lines on the unicorn. Fold along those lines.

Makes the folds crispy.

This is the “shape” you will see after folding.

Glue paper strips to the back of the unicorn puppet.

Let the glue dry before you play with the puppet.

When the glue is dry, push your fingers under the paper arches to make the puppet move.

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Printable Unicorn Hand Puppet

Get the Printable Unicorn Puppet here

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