Pumpkin Craft Template

Print out the pumpkin craft template and make the ultimate pumpkin lantern or regular pumpkin display in your classroom or home. What makes this craft special are the leaves! Collect them on your next nature walk or cut them out of paper and start crafting.

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Pumpkin crafts for kids. Halloween activities for kids.

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This pumpkin craft is perfect for your fall or Halloween lesson and is a great project to practice scissor skills.

We think it looks best using dried leaves – but if you don’t have dried leaves or this is a last minute project and the leaves aren’t dry yet, you can use paper leaves or kids can paint them.

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

How to use our pumpkin craft template

What you need:

Step by step guide

Print out the pumpkin craft template on orange paper – regular printer paper will work but you can also use cardstock.

Use a black marker to draw a Jack-o-lantern face. Scary, funny, happy, sad, angry, whatever you want.

Cut along the dashed line.

Prepare black paper.

Apply glue to the back of the cut out pumpkin lantern.

Press it down onto the black paper – slightly pressing on top.

Start gluing the leaves. The first row of leaves can be glued on with glue (although white school glue works best).

If doing multiple layers of leaves, white glue is best. Or dot glue.

Press the leaf down to let the glue set.

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Done! Your pumpkin creation is ready to display.

You can even get more decorative and use chalk to add detail to the background.

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

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