Rocking Paper Plate Turkey Craft

If you need a last minute Thanksgiving craft and are a fan of turkey, this rocking paper plate turkey craft is just the thing.

Your kids will love making one, poking it to start wiggling, and it will look great on the Thanksgiving table, too.

Paper Plate Turkish Rocking Crafts for Kids

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We love animals and creating turkey crafts for kids is fun. If your children enjoy using coloring materials, they will also have a great time with this collection of turkey coloring pages.

To keep the Thanksgiving excitement going, kids can discover how to draw a turkey using our printable step-by-step instructions.

How to make Turkish rocking paper plates

What you need:

  • drag
  • glue
  • paper plate
  • brown
  • paint brush
  • colored paper (orange, yellow and red)
  • two innocent eyes
  • paper stapler (optional)

Step-by-step instructions


We’ll start our Thanksgiving turkey by painting a paper plate with brown paint.

Step 1

Let the paint dry. Once dry, cut the paper in half. One paper plate will make two turkeys!

Step 2

Make a cone shape from half of the sheet.

Step 3

Use glue or paper clips to keep them together. If you use glue, you will need to hold it in place for the glue to really set.

Step 4

Gently press down to flatten the cone slightly.

Step 5


Cut thin strips of yellow and red paper (orange is also welcome).

They will serve as the turkey’s feathers.

Step 6

Begin making the loop by gluing the ends of each strip together.

Step 7

Once the rounds are completed, it’s time to attach the turkey feathers.

Step 8

Begin gluing the feathers to the back of the turkey’s paper plate body.

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Step 9

Attach all of them securely.

Step 10


Cut a small orange triangle for the beak.

Glue on the eyes and beak.

Step 11

Your rocking paper plate turkey is complete!

Step 12

Kids can make another turkey with the other half of the pre-painted paper plate!

These would look great as part of a Thanksgiving table setting.

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