Printable Santa Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Celebrate the season’s funniest character as we share free printable Santa Claus Coloring Pages as well as more fun and easy-to-color designs.

From simple Santa head cooler pages perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to color to designs featuring other characters (like reindeer and even Mrs. Claus), your child will have plenty of fun. Many designs to choose from.

Ready to color? Choose your design and print away!

Santa Claus coloring page

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Printable Santa coloring pages

Although this set focuses on Santa, we have lots of other printable Christmas pages you can print too – featuring all your child’s favorite characters. Print these PDFs on regular paper (to reduce waste, print them on previously used papers like spreadsheets).

You can also use some of these as templates for your Christmas crafts; think about making them in 3D and ask the kids to make beards out of cotton balls or wrinkled paper.

Free printable Santa coloring pages

Spread holiday cheer with the ten free printable Santa coloring pages we’re sharing.

Click the Download Here button below each preview, download the Santa PDF, and print.

Candy and Santa Claus coloring page

Candy cane and image of Santa Claus to color

Starting off this collection of printable Santa coloring sheets we have an adorable illustration with lots of little details.

Santa Claus coloring page

Christmas tree and santa claus coloring page

We have another waving Santa surrounded by a Christmas tree and two carefully wrapped gifts in the background.

Santa’s candy cane joy

Illustration of a happy Santa Claus

Another cute Santa waiting to be colored!

Gift and Santa Claus coloring pages

Santa Claus with gifts pictures to color

There are lots of cute Santa coloring pages in this collection; This one is one of the sweetest

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Santa’s magical gift bag

Illustration of Santa Claus with Gits bat

Every child is familiar with this festive Christmas scene.

Happy Santa coloring page

Laughing Santa coloring page

Another fun Christmas coloring page, Santa is ready to color.


Image of Santa Claus skating to color

Our Christmas character is surfing on the ice. Let kids bring this skating adventure to life with their favorite colors!

Santa Claus

Classic Santa Claus image

This Santa coloring page has a classic feel.

Easy Santa coloring sheet

Santa Claus images are easy to color

Print this easy-to-color Santa sheet – it’s perfect for young colorers!

Decorate the Christmas tree

Decorate Christmas tree images with colors

We have a busy Santa here! This design captures the magic of the holiday season as Santa decorates the Christmas tree with colorful ornaments.

Member’s Santa Claus coloring page

The complete set of Santa Claus coloring pages includes 35 different designs.

Explore the rest of the content in the set by previewing it below. Log in to your account or join our membership to access and download these high-quality pages as a single, convenient PDF.

Santa’s Chimney Challenge

Santa jumping out of the chimney coloring page

We encountered a Santa Claus happily jumping out of the chimney in mid-air. He must have brought a gift!

Big Santa Claus

Santa Claus coloring page

Let the kids enjoy another easy-to-color Santa!

Santa’s North Pole Palace

Santa Claus sitting in a chair coloring page

Celebrate Christmas with the following Santa Claus coloring page – Santa Claus sits solemnly in his oversized chair.

Easy santa claus coloring pages

Big Santa Claus Head Coloring Page

The youngest kids will love coloring our giant Santa design. Featuring a large tip with quick, wide color zones, this design makes it easy for kids to add their favorite colors!

Merry Christmas

Image of smiling Santa Claus to color

Santa’s warm laughter fills the page with Christmas joy and happiness. Ask kids to make Santa outshine the stars using their favorite coloring tools.

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Classic pose

Waving Santa Claus coloring sheet

We’ve caught the jolly old man of Christmas! Spread the joy by printing a coloring page!

Easy santa claus coloring pages

Easy Santa coloring sheet

Do you need another easy-to-color Santa picture? This peacefully resting Santa invites children to add a creative touch to his classic red hat and white beard.

Christmas time

Cute Santa Claus coloring page

Share the Christmas spirit and let kids color and celebrate!

Santa’s friendly wave

Santa Claus coloring page images to color

Santa Claus is a beloved holiday icon – let the coloring fun begin.

Happy Ho Ho Ho

Santa Ho Ho Ho coloring sheet

We can already hear the hearty “Ho Ho Ho” cheers!

Happy smile

Image of smiling Santa Claus to color

Check out this Laughing Santa coloring page – we think it’s ideal for artists of all ages!

Santa Claus and Santa Claus coloring page

Santa Claus coloring sheet

We have a charming Christmas duo here! Let your kids celebrate the holidays with Santa and Mrs. Christmas!

Santa Claus’s iconic appearance

Image of Santa Claus wearing glasses to color

Let kids join Santa in a quiet reading moment by letting them color an entire page.

Reindeer game

Christmas Couple Coloring Pages

Another adventure of Santa Claus and his reindeers is waiting to be colored.

Rudolph the reindeer and Santa Claus

Illustration of Santa Claus and reindeer

Who is not familiar with Rudolph, the reindeer who always accompanies our Santa Claus?

Build a snowman

Pictures of Santa Claus and snowman to color

You can’t get enough of Santa’s Christmas coloring pages. This one with a snowman is another must have.

Santa’s Night Adventure

Illustration of Santa Claus bringing gifts

We think Santa’s bag is filled with holiday surprises!

Decorate the Christmas tree

Set star on Christmas tree image to color

Santa Claus stands on a chair and skillfully places the star on the Christmas tree.

Happy Santa coloring page

Santa coloring sheets

His iconic red suit stands out against the snow. Have your kids color the entire scene!

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Wear sunglasses

Illustration of Santa Claus wearing sunglasses

What a stylish Santa wearing those modern sunglasses!

Santa’s List: Naughty or Nice?

Santa Claus With Christmas List Illustration

Watch! Santa is reading through the nice and naughty list!

Far away dream

Coloring picture of sleeping Santa Claus

Lying on a soft bed, he was resting well after a long night of giving gifts.

Santa’s sleigh ride

Santa's sleigh coloring page

Get your kids ready to ride these sleighs with Santa!

Delivery at midnight

Image of Santa Claus with a bag to color

He’s carrying some holiday treasures in his beautiful star-decorated sack!

Large Santa Claus coloring sheet

Easy santa claus coloring pages

Have children color a large, friendly-faced Santa Claus with large, easy-to-color areas. It will be a perfect choice for young artists.

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