Tape Resist Name Art

Learning to recognize the letters in your name and write your name is one of the first steps in literacy instruction in preschool. This masking tape name art is a great project to do in the classroom (or at home).

If you’re doing this project at the beginning of the year, you might just focus on the first letter of their name. Have the kids make first letter tape art, and then you can have them build out their entire name. This name craft can be modified to suit all ages – from toddlers to older children. We’ll share our tips in the guide.

This is also a fun and simple preschool and kindergarten art project that you can make as a gift for parents. It’s easy, it’s fun, and there’s just the right amount of mess.

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Do-it-yourself ice-proof art

Anti-ice letter art is more than just a craft; it is a celebration of individuality and creativity. You don’t need to just focus on the name, you can have your child build on other words you are learning or words that have a special meaning or simply create a masterpiece from a letter, this activity brings to countless opportunities for expression.

Anti-Name Tape Art Crafts

How to Make Anti-Name Art Tape

What you need:

  • pencil
  • white cardboard or art paper
  • masking tape or washi tape
  • paint; craft paint, acrylic paint, watercolor
  • paint brush

Step-by-step instructions

If you are working with older children, they will be able to do this project on their own, however, for younger children, the focus is on letter recognition and not on building letters because they will find this part too complicated.

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If you teach young children, prepare a sheet of paper in advance and write the letters yourself using tape or washi tape.

Step 1

Children use tape to spell their name (or you do this step).

Step 2

You can focus just on the first letter of their name (perfect for younger children, as the first letter is often the first part of the name they recognize) or write out the entire name.

Step 3

The fun starts now. Let children color the canvas, letting them use their favorite colors to express their personality. Children can color their artwork with a single color or choose multiple colors.

Step 4

You can encourage your child to color around each letter a different color. This will strengthen letter recognition.

Step 5

You can also ask them to talk about why they chose that color.

Step 6

While we used brushes to draw, this project also works with crayons or chalk.

Step 7

They can also use their hands to color the canvas if you don’t mind messy art.

Step 8

You can also add decorations around your tape obstruction artwork. Paint flecks or fingerprints around the name make this project even more interesting.

Another fun idea is to provide kids with stickers of various objects, characters, and foods, and they can choose their favorites to add to their artwork.

Step 9

It’s these little details that make their works of art great!

Step 12

Let the paint dry a bit. Then, have your child gently peel off the mask or washi tape, revealing their beautiful personalized names.

Step 13

Make sure they move slowly and steadily while removing it.

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Step 14

What color did your children choose?

Handmade Anti-Anime Tape

Enjoy being creative!

Anti-terrorism art concept

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