3D Ladybugs Paper Craft

What can we say, this 3D ladybug paper craft is as cute as a button. This game will be loved by kids who love coloring pages as it can easily be used as a 3D ladybug coloring page.

Is your child not a fan of coloring? You can also print a pre-colored version to just focus on crafting (or just leave the error black and white and print the wings on red paper).

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Craft of making ladybugs with 3D paper

Although ladybugs are usually red, they come in many different colors – yellow, orange and even black. So your child doesn’t have to stick to just the color red.

3D Paper Handmade Spring Ladybug

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How to make 3D ladybug paper crafts

What you need:

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Start by printing the 3D ladybug construction paper template provided and have your kids color it.

Step 1

This pattern features a series of ladybugs as well as sweet flowing lines.

Step 2

Let your child’s creativity grow by coloring everything. They can leave the white circles on the ladybug’s body blank because this is where they will glue the wings.

Step 3

You can also color the frame.

Step 4

You can ask the kids to cut the template along the outside edges or just leave the paper as is, both work well in the end.

Step 5

You can print the winged circles on colored paper or let your child color them. Cut out circles (you will need at least 3 circles for each ladybug, but more is better).

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Step 6

Ask the child to fold each half circle to form a semicircle.

Press firmly on the fold to make it sharp and clear. Repeat this step for all circles.

Step 7

Now it’s time to assemble the ladybug’s body!

Take the folded circles and apply glue along one half of each half circle. Press the glued half circles together, forming a 3D dome shape.

Step 8

Continue gluing the circles together until the ladybug’s body is completed.

Step 9

Have your child repeat this step with other colored ladybug circles.

Step 10

Glue the ladybug onto the template.

Press down gently to secure the circles in place.

Step 11

All has been done!

Step 12

Aren’t they cute?

Ladybug spring paper craft

What color circle did you choose?

3D ladybug paper craft ideas

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