Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft

How about we make greeting cards for Christmas? We have prepared a neat Santa Claus in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft for you and your kids to make.

Santa in the Chimney Pop Up Card Craft

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We love making all kinds of Christmas Crafts for kids (check out our Christmas Pop Up Card Templates or create your own Christmas Elf Crafts).

Chimney Santa pop-up card

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Santa pop-up card in Chimney Xmas

Hohoho! Someone got stuck in the chimney today! Guess who it is?

Santa Claus! Santa Claus!

Cough-oh, cough-oh, cough-oh! The chimney isn’t very clean, is it?

He better find a way out of there somehow!

Make your own Santa in the Chimney pop-up card

We hope he finds a way out of there somehow, guys, and we hope he brings everyone their Christmas presents in time.

Either way, it’s a silly situation, plus it’s a super fun craft to make for Christmas and so memorable, don’t you agree?

Let’s go!

How to make Santa Claus in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft

What you need:

  • red cover
  • red paper
  • white paper
  • drag
  • glue
  • split battery
  • black marker
  • white marker
  • light orange paper
  • black paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • brown paper

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

A card

Fold the red cardboard in half.

Step 1

Draw a rectangle measuring 7 cm x 10 cm.

Step 1-

Cut out the rectangle. We are making a roof – the base of our card. It will open and close.

Step 2

Draw horizontal lines 1 cm wide. Use a pencil for this so you can erase the lines later.

Step 3

Draw parallel lines 1cm wide.

The squares you see now will serve as guides for our roof tiles.

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Step 4

Take a white pen and start drawing the first row of tiles.

Make sure you make them equal in size.

Step 5

Continue with the second row of bricks…

Step 6

…until you fill all the squares.

Step 9-1

Erase pencil marks.

Step 6-2

Take your scissors and shape the edge of the roof as shown.

Step 7

Now take a black marker and outline the white boxes.

Step 8

Then outline the front of the card (edges) with a black marker.

Step 9


To make a chimney, first you need to draw and then cut a rectangle measuring 5 cm x 4.5 cm from red cardboard.

Step 10

Mark a 1 cm wide section on this rectangle (as shown).

Step 11

Create a fold.

Step 11-1

Draw some bricks on the chimney with a white marker. There is enough space to draw five rows of tiles.

Step 12

Outline the bricks with a black marker.

Step 13

Outline the entire chimney (edges) with a black marker.

Step 14

Apply a little glue to the folded part of the chimney…

Step 15

…and stick the chimney on the roof.

Step 15-1Chimney cap

Draw a rectangle measuring 2.5 cm x 6.5 cm on red cardstock and cut it out.

Step 16

Outline it with a black marker and then draw a white rectangle close to the black line.

Step 17

This part will serve as a chimney cap.

Step 17-1

Place the chimney cap over the chimney, then push a split pin through both the cap and the chimney.

Step 18

Separate the two ends of the latch and check that your mechanism is working properly.

Step 18-1

The lid should open and close without any difficulty.

Step 18-2Santa’s feet

Cut out two red rectangles.

Step 19

On white paper, draw and cut two pieces of “fluff”.

Step 20

Draw and cut out two black boots.

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Step 21

Make Santa’s legs by gluing these three pieces together.

Glue the “fluff” pieces to the ends of the red rectangle and add the boots below the “fluff” pieces.

Step 22

Open the chimney cap and glue the pins to the back of the chimney.

The boots and some parts of the pants will be exposed like this.

Isn’t it funny to see Santa’s legs exposed like this?

Step 23

Pop-up mechanism

To create a pop for the inside of the card, draw a rectangle measuring 2.5 cm x 10 cm.

Step 24

Cut it out.

Step 24-1

Divide it into 4 equal parts of 2.5 cm.

Step 25

Now fold them to form a square.

Step 25-1

Apply some glue to the end of the pop-up piece…

Step 26

…then glue the pop-up inside the card to the middle.

Step 26-1Santa Claus

Draw and cut a white beard and mustache, a small light orange circle – nose and a red Christmas hat + a white circle as the top of the hat and a piece of “fluff” as the part bottom of the hat.

Step 27

Glue them together. Take the mustaches and glue them to the beard, then add a nose on top of the mustache and then glue the hat on top of the nose.

This will be Santa’s head. We won’t see his eyes because he’s upside down and the hat covers them.

Step 28

Glue the tip to the pop-up piece.

Step 29Santa’s hand

On red paper, draw two hands (make them a little different) and on black paper, draw two gloves.

On white paper, draw two “fluff” parts.

Cut all these pieces out.

Step 30

Then glue them together.

Step 31

Now let’s attach them to the pop up behind our Santa’s head.

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Step 31-1

Christmas bag

On brown paper, draw Santa’s Christmas bag and cut it out.

Step 32

Apply some glue to the thinnest part of the bag and stick it on Santa’s mittens so it looks like he’s holding it.

Step 33

Use a white marker to write Christmas wishes inside the card and draw a few small snowflakes.

Step 34

All has been done!

Santa Claus in the chimney Christmas card

What a fun job, right?

Make your own Santa in a Chimney Christmas pop-up card


Make your own Santa Claus in the chimney paper craft

Merry Christmas everyone!

We hope you enjoyed working on the project today!

Santa at the chimney pop up card craft idea

Get your Santa Popup Card Craft Template here

Santa in the Chimney Pop Up Card Craft

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