Snowman Paper Card

The snowman is here! Wish a happy new year to all your loved ones with our Snowman Paper Cards.

Card making is extremely easy and fun.

Snowman paper card

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It’s finally time to do a Winter Craft. We’ve been waiting for this snow for a while.

One of the things we love most in winter is making snowmen – not the regular snowmen you find everywhere around but snowmen like the ones you see in the pictures.

If you want your child to learn How to Draw a Snowman on their own, check out our easy tutorial.

DIY snowman paper card

Correct! We made standing snowmen with our hands (in addition to everyone else).

Until now, we never thought of making a standing paper snowman and sharing the fun with you.

DIY paper snowman winter card

And today, we were so excited – this idea just popped into our heads and we started building it immediately.

We’ve added a card section below the snowman so you can wish a Happy New Year to your closest friends or loved ones.

We bet that you will join us in this project and we hope it brings you happiness and joy.

Let’s go!

How to make snowman paper cards

What you need:

  • drag
  • black marker
  • light blue cardboard
  • white paper and white cardboard
  • brown cover
  • black cardboard
  • orange cover
  • glue
  • a compass
  • The ruler is circular

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

A card

Take the blue cardboard and fold it in half.

Step 1

Make an almost complete circle (5 cm in diameter) using a compass.

Leave a fold in the card, then draw a circle starting from the fold down and around.

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See pictures for instructions.

Step 2

Cut out the circle with scissors.

This circle will serve as the basis of the cards. It will open and close like a regular card.

Step 3

Use a compass to draw a circle (4 cm in diameter) on white cardboard.

Step 4

Cut this circle out.

Step 5

Then stick it inside the card as shown.

Step 6

Write “New Year Message” inside the card, then close the card and set it aside.

Step 7


Now take the compass and draw three circles (with a diameter of 2.5 cm, a diameter of 2 cm and a diameter of 1.5 cm).

Step 8

Cut out the circles.

Step 9

Glue the circles together to form the snowman’s body.

Step 10

Draw some black dots/circles as shown in the picture.

The dots/circles that form the mouth should be smaller than the dots/circles that act as buttons on the body.

Step 11

Cut out an orange “carrot nose” and glue it onto the snowman’s face above the mouth.

Step 12

Draw and cut out two eyes.

Step 13

Stick them above the nose.

Step 14

Now draw and cut out two black shoes, a black hat and two brown tree branches.

Use black cardboard for the hat and shoes, and use brown cardboard for the tree branch.

Step 15

Glue the hat to the top of the snowman’s head, then glue the shoes to the bottom of the snowman.

Step 16

Cut a small black rectangle and fold it in half.

Step 17

Glue part of this rectangle to the snowman’s hat.

Step 18

Glue the rest of this rectangle to the blue card – our snowman is now standing on his hat.

Step 19

Now take the arms of the tree branch and glue the palms to the blue card and then glue the armpits to the snowman’s body.

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Now we have a snowman doing a handstand.

Step 20

All has been done!

Make your own handmade snowman card

Yippee cheers! We love this cool and silly snowman.

How about you?

Paper snowman greeting card

Send us your version of this snowman – we’ll be happy to see them!

Snowman cards

Stay tuned for more winter crafts!

Snowman paper card ideas

Get your snowman paper card template here

Snowman paper card craft template

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