Sloth on a Branch Craft

Do you have a child who loves sloths? They’re going crazy over this sloth on Branch Craft.

Kids will love how easy and fun it is to make!

Sloth on tree branch

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DIY paper sloth on tree branch

Sloths look like fun, adorable creatures, but they are highly complex arboreal mammals that are fun to study.

DIY paper sloth craft

Did you know sloths can also swim?


How to make a sloth on a tree branch

What you need:

  • printable template
  • colored paper (light blue, brown, beige, gray and green)
  • drag
  • glue
  • black marker
  • branch
  • pencil

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Cut out the template.

Step 1

Draw the head, body and legs on brown paper, then cut out everything.

Step 2

Now draw the face on beige paper and then cut it out.

Step 3

Draw points around the eyes on brown paper, then cut it out.

Step 4

Draw the feet on gray paper and then cut them out.

Step 5

Stick the face on the head.

Step 6

Add small brown circles to the sloth’s face to highlight the eyes.

Step 7

Draw the eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose with a black pen.

Step 8

Glue the feet onto the legs.

Make sure you get all four paws.

Step 10

Glue the head to the body.

Step 11

Apply glue to the back of the sloth to ensure it sticks to the branch.

Step 12

Glue it to the stick too.

Step 13

Glue the sloth to the tree branch.

Step 14

Take the remaining two pins and glue them to the back of the stick.

This way, the sloth will look like it is lying on a tree branch.

Glue the entire branch with the sloth to the blue card.

Press down, so everything stays!

Step 17

Draw six leaves on green paper.

Step 18

Cut out the leaves and fold them a little.

Step 19

Go ahead and glue them to the tree branches.

Step 20

The final product is a sloth on a tree branch with leaves and a green background.

Step 21

Creating a sloth in craft time has never been easier.

DIY sloth on craft paper branch

We like how it turned out.

DIY paper sloth on tree branch craft

You can place your sloth on a stand or display it on the wall.

Lazy tree branch craft ideas

Get your sloth on branch craft template here

Sloth on tree branch

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