Snake Clothespin Puppets

Snake clothespin puppets make for super fun craft time. Sure, bunnies and bears are cute – but making crafts with snakes is so much more fun for kids!

These snakes are VERY different from each other as it is important to note that there are dozens of species of snakes out there.

Snake clothespin puppet model

Snakes are such interesting creatures. You can use this craft as a way to introduce your children to snakes and how interesting they are. When it comes to clothespin puppets, more is better, so be sure to add shark clothespin puppets, bug clothespin puppets and more to the mix.

Read a few books about snakes and go to the local zoo to see where snakes might live. You’ll learn a lot about snakes along the way.

How to make puppets using snake-shaped clothespins

What you need:

  • Snake-shaped clothespin puppet model
  • Crayons
  • Drag
  • Clothes peg

Step-by-step instructions

Go ahead and print out the Snake Clothespin Puppet template.

Take your time coloring it and then cut it out! Small hands may need some assistance with snake removal.

Cut the inside of the template according to the instructions on the template. Although it may take some skill to cut the mouthpiece, you can do it!

Take glue and stick it to the clothespin. From that point on, you will glue the snake onto the clothespin.

Hold firmly to ensure it is truly stuck. The mouth will separate when the clothespin opens.

Do this with both snakes so you can play with both of them. Coloring and cutting out is the most time-consuming part of this craft, but before long, they will be your own slithering snakes to play with!

Snake-shaped clothespin puppet

The final part of the craft will be two snakes side by side. The snakes will be able to move their mouths. You or your child can give the snake a voice! They can sing and crawl all day long.

Get your Snake Clothespin Puppet Template here

Snake-shaped clothespin puppet

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