Spring Agamograph Template

The joy of spring and warm weather is here, and we have prepared another craft for your kids to make this season.

We are sure kids will enjoy coloring and creating our lovely spring agamograph.

Printable Spring Agamograph Templates for Kids #springcrafts #papercrafts #craftsforkids

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Spring is a time of blooming flowers and unpredictable weather. By making this agamograph, the finished piece of art will capture exactly that atmosphere.

As nature slowly awakens, spring is the perfect time to awaken our inner child and do crafts with our little ones.

You will be given the choice between two versions of the spring agamograph model.

The first version is ready to color and fold. With the second version, kids will need to color the entire image first, then cut out the agamograph pieces and glue them alternately onto another sheet of paper.

This time, the two alternating pictures will show a lovely frog sitting on a lotus leaf in the middle of a pond and a butterfly flying around the flower on a sunny day.

Making agamograph is easy and fun, so let your kids use their best crayons and color to their heart’s content to create their own unique craft.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Printable Spring Agamograph Template

How to make a spring agamograph

What you need:

  • one of our Spring agamograph templates (get it at the end of the tutorial)
  • thicker printing paper (we used 160 gsm white printing paper, but you can use regular paper as well)
  • printer
  • coloring materials
  • drag
  • optional scoring tool (we like to use wooden sticks or just use something similar that is available)
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Watch Video Tutorial

Or follow the step-by-step instructions

Choose the version you want to color and print it out (sample at the end of the tutorial).

Color the alternating images with vibrant colors. If you want your product to really stand out, we recommend coloring the background with different colors (we used a pink and light blue background for our agamograph).

Use scissors to cut the pattern.

Mark alternating lines between images to make folding easier.

Begin folding your spring agamograph using the accordion folding technique.

Press each piece of the agamograph jigsaw firmly to create sharp creases.

Go to the last part of the agamograph pattern.

Your spring hygrometer is complete! Tilt it to one side and you will see the frog…Printable Spring Agamograph Template

…and looking at your work from another angle, an image of a large flower and a butterfly will appear.Printable Spring Agamograph Template

Display the agamograph in a beautiful location in your home and enjoy the handiwork your child has created.Printable Spring Agamograph

Get the Spring Agamograph template here

To print the agamograph template, simply click on version one and version two.

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