CVC Word Wheel

There are many ways you can teach CVC words and have your children learn them, this CVC word wheel is definitely one of the more engaging ways.

This activity is great for learning about word families, reading, and even writing.

Wheel activity from CVC for kids

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So how does it work? Each short sound appears on a separate sheet, so your child can practice groups of words one at a time.

You can give your child a pen and pencil and ask them to write down the words they find.

Operating from CVC

Wheels from CVC

Let your child spin the wheel and try to find as many words as possible for each group of words. For example, they can continue searching for the word surname -an. When spinning the wheel, children will discover many words such as – pan, man, fan, can, run…

Encourage them to read words out loud – you can ask them to try just CVC words or ask them to read nonsense words out loud – after all, they’re great for reading practice.

Wheel operation from CVC

They can also choose the starting sound – R – for example, and see which CVC words have short A sounds they can make – rat, ran, rag, rap, ram.

How to create wheels from CVC

What you need:

  • our sample (optional)
  • plastic injection machine
  • squeeze bag
  • split battery
  • drag

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the templates.

Cut them out.

Place the paper with the image and circle inside the plastic laminate bag.

Warm up the press.

Place the two circles you cut inside another plastic bag.

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Enjoy watching the paper come out of the press (we all know you do that ;).

Cut plastic.

Punch a hole through all 3 parts (punch through the black dot located on each part)

This can be done with a split pin although there are many tools that work better.

But a split pin will definitely come in handy when it comes to this project, since you’re going to need it anyway.

Now push the split pin through the holes, starting with the hole of the smallest circle.

Next go through the biggest one.

Nice and careful.

Finish by pushing the dividing pin through the last sheet of paper.

Protect it.

All has been done.

Get wheels from CVC

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