Playdough Christmas Tree (Craft for Kids)

Playdough is great for children of all ages and if you’re looking for a fun Christmas activity with this fun material, let the kids make a playdough Christmas tree. It’s easy to make and allows for quite a bit of creativity. So, grab some Play Doh from the store or make your own playdough and get your hands on an artistic craft.

This tutorial will show how to make a playdough Christmas tree a little differently as the end result is an adorable little scene that can be displayed on the wall.

Playdough Christmas Christmas tree for children

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Making crafts with playdough has countless benefits; it stimulates creativity and imagination, while enhancing fine motor skills as kneading, rolling and shaping dough requires precise hand movements. Playdough also serves as a sensory tool, engaging the tactile senses. And more! Most importantly, children love to create with playdough so it is always a fun experience for them.

With the holidays approaching, we wanted to create a Christmas craft made with playdough that, once completed, the kids would be so proud of. The final product can even be used as a gift.

How to make a Christmas tree with playdough

What you need:

  • four wooden craft sticks (jumbo craft sticks are best)
  • glue (white glue or wood glue is best to use for this project)
  • transparent tape (or contact paper).
  • Play dough (we used white, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange)

Step-by-step instructions

You will need four craft sticks or popsicle sticks to make the frame for this project.

You can leave it as is or let the kids draw popsicle sticks.

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Step 1

Have children arrange them into squares and glue them together.

Step 2

Cover the frame with clear tape or use adhesive paper.

Step 3

The frame must be covered from top to bottom. If you are working with younger children, this part will be done by you.

Step 4

Flip the frame so that the sticky part of the tape is facing up.

Step 5

Let’s make a Christmas scene with playdough.

Have your child roll a block of white play dough into a snake shape to create a blanket of snow on the bottom.

Step 6

Press down on the snake to flatten it at the bottom of the window frame.

The playdough will stick to the bandage.

Step 7

Christmas tree

Let’s make the next Christmas tree. Have your child shape a piece of green or other colored modeling clay into a triangle.

Step 8

Then, stick it to the tape, lightly overlapping the white play dough layer.

Step 9

Have your child create one or two more triangles and place one on top of the other (slightly overlapping).

Step 10


To make a star, we will first use yellow playdough and roll a ball, but children can use any color they like.

Step 11

Clip the ball to create a star shape and place it on top of the Christmas tree.

Step 12

Tip: Younger children can make a ball instead of a star or use something else (pre-made paper stars) instead of playdough.


Let children roll small balls of different colors to decorate the tree. For example, we used purple, orange, and blue playdough.

Step 13

This Christmas tree will look beautiful!

Step 14

They can add as many decorations as they want.

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Step 15

Tip: instead of using playdough to make decorations, your child can also use pom poms or small paper circles to make paper punches.


Have children roll small balls of white play dough and stick them in clear tape around the Christmas tree scene to create snowflakes. They can also use white pom poms.

Step 16

To prevent dust from getting on the tape, cover the front with clear tape to protect this small work of art.

Christmas tree

How do you like yours?

Playdough Christmas tree idea

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