Fall Window Clings

Window decals are a great way to add color and seasonal decoration to your windows.

They are also great for kids who love to touch, move, and reposition decorations, it gives them control over at least some of the holiday decorations!

Cling to the autumn window

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These Fall Window Hangers were designed by the kids and can be theirs to enjoy, reuse, or give as a gift to someone else.

Autumn window cling crafts for children

With just 2 ingredients, they’re super easy to make and you can have everything on hand to make them today!

Cling to the autumn window

What you need:

  • school glue
  • hand painted
  • small paint brush
  • gallon zippered bag
  • paper
  • black marker


Instructions step by step

For each color you want to create, you will need to use about 2T of school glue and 1-2 teaspoons of craft paint.

We used red, yellow, orange and brown for traditional fall colors.

Stir the paint and glue together until they are well mixed.

Step 2

You can let children freely draw something or guide them by using a pen to draw autumn shapes on a piece of paper and then stuff it into a plastic bag.

Create leaves of different shapes and sizes, turkeys, autumn trees, acorns, pumpkins, corn stalks, etc.

Step 1

Teach your child how to draw thickly in drawings. You want a thick layer on the plastic bags so they can withstand travel.

For toddlers, you can let them paint all over the gallon bag. Make sure it’s thick enough so you can’t see through the color. Let it dry into a large sheet of paper and then cut out your shapes from the large sheet using scissors or a metal cookie cutter.

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Step 3

We painted, sprinkled some color, swirled and dabbed it to fill in our design.

Step 4

Let your work dry completely, our work takes a full 24 hours in some thicker spots.

Peel them out of the plastic bag and stick them on the window!

Autumn window clings for children

You can restore and use these later, but because they are glue and paint, they are easily deformed, cracked and can stick together – you can layer them between pieces of wax paper for temporary storage.

Fall window cling craft ideas

We use them for one season, throw them away and make more money each season.

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