St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow Art

Today we want to share with you the cutest St. Patrick’s Day handprint rainbow art idea – this is a lovely art idea for preschoolers and kindergarteners and will make the cutest keepsake.

Not St. Patrick’s Day yet? Don’t worry, this cute idea can also be done as a simple rainbow – just make the bottom of your hand a cloud too!

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Handprint Art Ideas for Kids #Handprintart #Rainbowart #artforkids

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We’re crazy about rainbows, both real natural ones and the ones kids make.

This adorable art idea for toddlers or preschoolers is perfect for both spring and St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Handprint Art for KidsSt. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow Art

What you need:

  • paint in all colors of the rainbow plus black – craft paint for older kids, finger paint or similar for younger kids
  • paint brush
  • canvas or paper
  • yellow foam board
  • white foam board
  • glue
  • drag
  • hands ready to get dirty

Step by step instructions

Prepare your paints on a palette or paper plate (paper plates are a great classroom solution for quick projects).

Encourage older children to paint their fingers in the colors of the rainbow (a few colors missing, of course). Paint the palms black.

If you are doing this project with a young child as a handprint keepsake, you will need to paint the child’s fingers and hands.

Should apply thick coat of paint.

Ask your child (or you) to press your hand into the corner of the fabric. You will need to lift your hand quickly to avoid smudging the paint. However, it is okay if this happens. Allow the paint to dry.

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Once the rainbow handprint is dry, have your child draw a rainbow flying out from his or her finger.

Another version

You can also add some finger painting, asking the child to draw grass underneath the handprint with their finger before making the handprint.

Similar to the previous version, paint the hands black and the fingers rainbow colors.

Decorate the pot ‘o’gold

Cut small circles from gold foam and glue them onto the black “gold pot”.

Cut a cloud shape from white foam and glue it to the top of the rainbow. Cut off the excess foam.

St. Patrick's Day Handprint Rainbow Canvas Art

Contributed by Jacquelyn W.

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