Surprise Big Mouth Vampire Printable

Vampires can certainly be scary, but that certainly can’t be said about our surprise Big Mouth Vampire paper toy! This fun little project is fun to do at school or in the classroom, and because it’s so easy to make, kids as young as preschool can easily make one too.

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Surprise Big Mouth Vampire Paper Craft for Kids

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If you are a fan of everything Halloween related, you just need to check out our printable Halloween monster puppets, they are the inspiration for the vampire craft we are sharing today.

This one allows for quite a bit of creativity, as there’s enough space around the vampire design for kids to add their own artwork. They can draw something inside the vampire’s mouth (garlic anyone?), or write a special message.

Printable Big Mouth Vampire

Big Mouth Vampire Surprise Printable for Kids

The setting is also open to creativity, let your kids design a setting that fits the vampire. A spooky mansion in the background, a starry night, even a coffin and turn this craft project into an arts and crafts session in one.

Ready to try your hand at this game? Print out the template and follow the instructions.

How to Make a Printable Surprise Big Mouth Vampire

What you need:

  • our printable template (get it at the end of the step-by-step guide)
  • coloring supplies – whatever works for your child
  • paper – regular paper or thicker printer paper

Step by step guide

Print out our template. Most paper toys, including this one, work best when printed on thicker paper (cardboard). This makes them more durable. Thicker paper is also a better choice for coloring with markers, as the markers won’t bleed through and wrinkle the paper.

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Coloring your vampire design. We think light and pastel colors work best when coloring a vampire – light purple, light blue, or light gray are “common” choices.

Once your child is happy with how they color their vampire, encourage them to design their own background. This can also be a great lesson, as they need to know how the paper toy opens and closes when they design their own background.

Tip: It’s best to fold it before designing the background to see where the background will fold.

Next, have your child fold the vampire design along the line above the lips. The fold should run across the width of the paper. Have your child run their finger or a craft stick over the fold to make it nice and crisp.

Just one more step and you’re ready to make your vampire craft. Bring the fold you just made down to your lower lip, align it with your lip line, and press the paper down to create a fold inside your mouth.

Cool right? A perfect project to do at home or as a classroom craft for your class Halloween party.

Surprise Big Mouth Vampire Craft Paper for Kids

Get the printable version of the surprisingly big mouthed vampire

Get the pattern here: Big Mouth Vampire Printable

Happy crafting!

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