Surprise Easter Egg Cards Craft

If you’re looking for a quick no-prep Easter project for your home or classroom, this Surprise Easter Egg Card is a craft!

These are super easy to make and will keep the kids entertained for a while.

Surprise Easter egg card for kids

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We have 3 cute creatures hiding inside the eggs, and although neither of them naturally comes out of the eggs, they are just as fun.

Chick Craft surprise Easter egg card

We have an Easter chicken.

Bunny Craft Surprise Easter Egg Card

And an Easter bunny.

Handmade Sheep Surprise Easter Egg Card

And finally, there is the cute sheep hiding inside the egg.

How to make surprise Easter egg cards

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the templates. All models come in both black and white and are available in color, and are available in two sizes.

You can print them on plain paper or heavier printer paper – we recommend printing the latter if your child uses markers to color in their form.

Regular printer paper works perfectly for crayons and colored pencils.

If you print a black and white version, let your child color it before moving on to cutting.

Pattern cut – cut along the full line on the outside.

Fold along the dashed line at the top of the pattern as shown in the image below.

Now carefully fold the pattern over, aligning the top dashed line with the bottom dashed line.

Press down firmly to crisp the folds.

All has been done. The surprise cards are ready.

Surprise Easter egg card

Now you can open them and close them so the Resurrection creature pops out of them.

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Surprise Easter Egg Card Craft Ideas

Get the sample here

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