Toilet Paper Roll Peacock

Have you ever thought about being a peacock? If so, then this is the perfect Toilet Roll Peacock for you! All you really need is toilet paper and some construction paper. Make this peacock to help your creativity shine.

Peacock Toilet Paper Roll

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DIY TP Roll Peacock Craft

How cute is this peacock? He definitely has a lot of personality. If you’re looking for a fun activity you can do with your kids, this is it!

DIY peacock paper roll

How to make peacock toilet paper rolls

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

You’re about to create the cutest peacock you’ve ever seen! Children love making this peacock because it is so simple.

Materials used

Cut out the templates.


Cut a strip of blue paper to wrap around the toilet paper roll and stick it on.


Cut out the bird’s wings and face.


Use orange paper to draw and cut out the bird’s beak and feet.


Use the template to cut the peacock feathers.


Draw around the eyes of the peacock’s tail.


You can do this on yellow, light, and dark blue paper.


Cut the holes and glue them together, then glue to the end of the peacock’s tail.




Draw around the eyes on yellow paper, draw black dots in the middle of the eyes and then cut them out.


Continue to stick the peacock tail onto the toilet paper roll.


Glue the eyes onto the peacock’s head and then glue the head onto the toilet paper roll.


Add wings to the peacock.


Now you can add the feet.


Cut 3 thin strips of light blue paper and 3 small circles of dark blue paper.

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Glue the circles on top of the stripes and then glue them to the top of the head.


As you can see, this adds a bit of personality to the peacock.


Check out this peacock! He’s the coolest Toilet Roll Peacock on the block.


Make your own Peacock Craft toilet paper roll

DIY paper scroll peacock

Toilet paper roll peacock idea

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