Valentine’s Day Number Matching Activity

Next time you want to make a Holiday-themed craft for Valentine’s Day but don’t know what to do, try this Valentine’s Day Number Matching Activity.

Kids can make a fun craft but also learn a few things along the way!

Valentine's Day number matching activity

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be wondering what you can do with your kids! With this Valentine’s Day Number Matching Activity, you can also do a little learning with your kids.

Heart number matching activity on V day

DIY Valentine's Day Number Matching Activity

How to do Valentine’s Day number matching activity

What you need:

  • Red
  • Pink paper
  • Clothes peg
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Drag
  • Glue

Step-by-step instructions

The ingredients to make this craft are very simple! You can find most of these crafting materials at craft stores. Always buy more so you don’t have to go back for more!

Materials used

Draw a big heart on red paper. This is the fun part for kids. Use a pencil so if you make a mistake you can erase it and try again!


Go ahead and cut it out. You can support your child with this if needed.


Cut two circles of pink paper to make blush.



Go ahead and make a face over the heart.



Glue two small pink circles on the heart.


Draw 10 small hearts.


Go ahead and cut out the heart.


Write the numbers 1 to 10 on the heart.


Here you can see that 1-10 is listed above the heart. This will come in handy later.


Draw numbers on the heart as shown below.


You will write the numbers 1-10.

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Glue the heart to the clothespin.


As you can see, the numbers on the clothespin are designed to coincide with the numbers on the heart.

DIY V-day heart number matching activity

This is a great way for children to learn numbers.

Day number matching activity V

Plus, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft to do with your kids that’s also educational.

Valentine's Day heart number matching activity

Day number matching activity V

Valentine's Day number matching activity ideas

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