Wood Block Snowman Craft – The Best Christmas Craft this Season

Breathe new life into scrap wood (or store bought blocks of wood) by making this gorgeous block snowman craft!

This adorable little Christmas craft would make a great decoration for your home and is really easy to make!Wooden block snowman crafts for kids - cute Christmas craft idea as this is a great DIY decoration for your home or outdoors.

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This project is suitable for both kids and adults, and will use up any old gloves you may have lying around.

If you don’t have spare gloves, we’re sure you have socks that don’t have a pair, we all do. This project uses those odd clothing items that you keep in the hopes of finding a pair someday (we never do).

Wooden block snowman crafts for kids

Recycled crafts are the best, right? And they offer so many opportunities to use scraps and leftover materials.

Wooden block snowmanHow to make a snowman craft with wooden blocks

What you need

  • a block of wood (scrap wood or store bought wood)
  • acrylic paint – white and orange optional
  • permanent black marker
  • less gloves or socks
  • ribbon
  • knot
  • Dot colloid
  • glue
  • rubber band
  • drag
  • optional orange paper for nose

Step by step guide

If you use a block of scrap wood, clean it thoroughly to remove any dust. You can also use sandpaper to make it smoother.

Painting the wood block white, depending on the type of paint and the type of wood, may require more than one coat.

Allow the paint to dry before applying the second (and subsequent) coat.

Draw a “carrot nose” on the top half of the block.

You can also glue an orange carrot out of paper and stick it on (suitable for indoor display, although you can varnish it to make it waterproof).

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Use a black marker to draw two eyes above the carrot’s nose.

Draw dots for a mouth under the carrot’s nose. Make your snowman happy (or sad, depending on your preference).

Glue two large colorful buttons to the bottom half of the snowman’s body.

We used glue to attach them, a glue gun or craft glue will do too. No buttons? No worries! Paint the buttons with acrylic paint.

Tie a ribbon between the snowman’s head and the buttons.

Cut off any excess ribbon. If you want your ribbon to be “neat,” you can secure it with a little glue.

Next up is the snowman hat! Use an old mitten or sock and press it onto the snowman’s head.

Tie the ribbon (you can use a rubber band underneath the ribbon to keep everything in place).

Cut off excess ribbon.

Done! You have completed your Wooden Block Snowman.Wooden Block Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids

Now you can do as much as you want! The more the merrier.

Wooden Block Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids

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