“You Make My Heart Sing” Valentines Card from Teacher to Students

A “You Make my Heart Sing” Valentine card/gift is the perfect choice to give to your friends, or if you are a teacher of students."You make my heart sing" Valentines Day Printable Templates for Kids #Valentinesdayprintabletemplate #printabletemplateforkids #papercraftsforkids

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Want to surprise your friends with a great Valentine’s gift? Or are you a teacher and need a cheap but fun Valentine’s card/gift for your students?

Your heart will sing songs of joy when you do these things.

These are super cute (and non-candy) Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, and since they can play with them, they’ll love them. While this gift is definitely adorable, I have a word of warning for teachers – remember that you’re giving your students musical instruments… And they might get a little over-excited. Be prepared for some upbeat tunes.

Also, print out these cute cards, head to a party supply store or dollar store for some little flutes (or you can order them online), and make the kids happy.

"You make my heart sing" Valentine's Day Printable Template

How to Make a “You Make My Heart Sing” Valentine Card


  • Plastic flutes as party gifts
  • Drag
  • Batch punch
  • Ribbon
  • The printable Valentine template “You Make My Heart Sing” that you can get at the end of this tutorial


Print out the template (you can get it at the end of this tutorial). We recommend printing on thicker card stock to make the card a little more durable (since kids can be a little rough).

Cut out this You Make My Heart Sing Valentine card. Don’t have a printer? Quickly write your own message on a piece of blank paper.

Punch holes in the card. A single hole punch is best for this job because it is easy to use, but you can also use a regular 2, 3, 4 or more hole punch.

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If you don’t have one on hand, you can use a skewer, pencil, or needle to poke holes (as someone who often loses my hole punch, I can vouch for these methods).

Finally, tie the card to the flute with string or ribbon.

Valentine's Day Printable Template

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Get the “You Make My Heart Sing” Valentine card template

Get the “You Make My Heart Sing” Valentine’s Day printable here.

Happy crafting!

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