3D Frog Life Cycle Craft

Print our Life Cycle Craft 3D diorama and create a fun interactive display.

Because you loved our butterfly life cycle craft and wanted more, we created this frog life cycle craft (we have a few more available for you).

3D frog life cycle crafts for kids

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This 3D paper craft will take you through the four stages of a frog’s life cycle…


Each quarter of the screen is dedicated to one stage, the egg stage showing a frog spawning in water.

3D frog life cycle craft eggs


The second stage, divided into two smaller stages, is the tadpole and the next stage is the tadpole with legs.

Todpoles 3D frog life cycle craft


The third stage, shows a baby frog in water.

3D Frog Handmade Life Cycle

Adult frog

The final stage shows an adult frog sitting on a lillypad.

3D life cycle handmade frog

How to make 3D Frog Lifecycle


What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print out templates – pre-colored templates or black and white 3d dioramas. With a black and white model, the first step you need to take is coloring.

Cut the diorama sections – cut along the full outside line.

Cut all 4 parts.

Next fold along the dotted line on the diorama template.

Makes the folds nice and sharp.

Run your fingers over the folds or use a craft stick.

Apply glue to the area marked with the word glue.

Push the part with the glue letters under the circle part and glue them together. You should get a quarter cylinder.

Repeat with the remaining 3 pieces.

Now glue them together.

Start by gluing the first two together – apply glue to the entire side of one of them and glue them together.

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Wait for the glue to harden.

Continue with the remaining ones.

Now cut out parts of the frog’s life cycle.

You can include name parts or exclude them.

You will notice dashed lines and words pasted on each part.

Fold along the dotted lines and apply glue where indicated.

For the eggs, fold along the dotted line, apply glue and stick them somewhere in the water.

Next is the tadpole stage, folded in half…

…and paste it inside the model as shown in the image below.

Next is the frog, you can make the head stick out of the water.

Finally, there’s the frog.

First stick the lillypad onto the diorama.

And then glue the frog on top of the lillypad.

You can also paste the names of each stage of the frog’s life cycle into the diorama.

All done, your 3D Frog Life Cycle is ready for display.

3D frog life cycle craft

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