Bugs Corner Bookmarks With Template

We have a fun little spring craft for you – make a bug corner bookmark with the template we provide! This is an easy project that can be done at home or in the classroom.

Make a ladybug, a butterfly, a bee and a caterpillar! And while you’re at it, why not combine it with our frog corner bookmark.

Bugs Corner Bookmark with Kids Craft Templates

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We love insects and insect crafts and these adorable bookmarks are so cute and easy to make.

Bugs Corner Bookmarks Paper Craft for Kids

All four bugs come with pre-colored templates as well as black and white templates for kids to color in themselves.

You will find a ladybug and a bee.

As well as a caterpillar and a butterfly.

It’s all fun and easy to make!

How to create error corner bookmarks using templates

What you need:

  • our sample
  • paper (regular or cardstock)
  • coloring material if printing black and white version
  • drag
  • glue

Instructions step by step

Print out the manual template.

If you print black and white bookmarks, let your child color them.

Cut out the templates (cut along the outside line).

You’ll notice diagonal lines across the bug’s head, one of those lines is the full line and the others are dashed lines.

Cut along the full line.

Now fold along the dashed lines. You can fold it in advance or just fold it as you go.

Fold the first diagonal line – the line dividing the mouth part and the glue part. Next fold the glued part.

Fold the next one, this will bring the part with the facial features above the part with the mouth.

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Turn over the bookmark, apply glue to the part marked with the word glue.

Fold the last part over the part with the glue letters and press down to secure the glue.

All done, your bookmark is complete.

Bookmark in error corner with template

Do one or do them all!

Error corner bookmark

Get error corner bookmarks with Craft template

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