How to Make Easy Paper Flowers

We love making flower crafts and today we will show you How to make easy paper flowers. These will delight both babies and toddlers, they are quite easy to make and look amazing.

Make a few and create a wonderful bouquet.

How to make paper flowers easily

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We are really excited to share these wonderful handmade paper flowers with you.

They don’t take much time to make and you can put them in a vase, decorate them around the house and enjoy the spring atmosphere.

How to make easy paper flowers crafts for kids

This project is also an easy one, so you’ll be enjoying your flowers in no time.

How to make easy paper flowers crafts for kids

How to make paper flowers easily

What you need:

  • color paper
  • drag
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • wood stick
  • glue
  • hot glue
  • circle object

Materials used

Let’s start crafting!

Instructions step by step

Purple flowers

To make this flower, first measure a strip 10 cm long.

Step 1-0

Create a bold line. Then measure a 1 cm strip in addition to the 10 cm strip and lightly draw a line.

Cut along the dark line.

Step 2

Cut paper into strips with scissors.

Be careful not to cross the light line you marked. Keep the cuts as straight as possible.

Step 3

Start rolling the stripes.

Step 4

Continue rolling until you have completed all the strips.

Step 5

To make the trunk, cut two vertical strips from green paper.

Step 6

Apply some glue and wrap the stripes around the wooden stick.

Step 7

Apply some glue to the rolled paper and start wrapping it around the wooden stick.

The rolls should be facing out and up as shown in the picture.

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Step 8

Put some glue to seal the end.

How to make easy paper flowers for kids

The first flower is done.

Blue flowers

For the second flower, create 6 equal circles on colored paper.

Step 1

Cut out the circles.

Step 2-1

Fold each circle in half.

Step 3-1

Next fold each half in half.

Step 4-1

Fold each piece in half.

Step 5-1

Cut some strips as shown in the picture.

Step 6-1

Open the circles.

Step 7-1

Cut a straight radius line.

Step 8-1

Apply a little glue to ¾ of the circle.

Step 9

Start rolling the 4th piece around as shown in the picture until you form a flower.

Let the glue dry.

Step 10-1

Spread the flowers outside.

Step 11

They will look like this.

Step 12

Cut out the top of a flower.

Step 13

Form a stem (same steps as in “Purple Flower”), apply some hot glue on top and attach the flower.

Step 14

Apply more glue to the edges of the stem and carefully attach the other flowers.

Step 15

Done, guys!

How to make easy paper flowers for kids

If you have difficulty doing this project, please watch the video below.

How to make easy paper flowers crafts for kids

You can repeat this process with different colors to have more flowers to make the bouquet.

How to make easy paper flowers crafts for kids

Hope you like this project.

How to make easy paper flowers crafts for kids

Stay tuned for more paper crafts!

How to make easy paper flower craft ideas

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