Toilet Paper Roll Bugs

Making toilet paper rolls is super fun! This is a very open-ended craft as there are 1001 ways, if not more, you can decorate your bug. Create a firefly, a moth or an alien bug – the crafting choice is entirely yours.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

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We love toilet roll bugs, we’ve made quite a few in a few different shapes and techniques – this Windsock ladybug toilet roll craft and this Windsock ladybug roll craft This bee toilet paper is one of our favorites. But there are actually a lot of ways you can make mistakes, and today we’re going to show you a more open approach.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Provide your child with a variety of supplies…

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

…and let them work their magic in designing their favorite or imaginary bug.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

We are sure that they will create amazing creations and to spark their imagination we will show you 4 interesting mistakes.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

We’ll show you step by step the firefly and the beetle, but you can also see the bee and the ladybug.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Then you can do other things entirely on your own.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Quick, grab some toilet paper rolls out of your cupboard and start crafting.

How to make toilet paper rolls

What you need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • hand painted
  • glue
  • split pins (optional)
  • black lining
  • brush
  • drag
  • colored paper (red, blue, green and more)
  • sharp eyes
  • round awl

Instructions step by step


Coat the toilet paper roll with green acrylic paint. Let it dry.

Step 20-11

Paint 3 green stripes on the green paper roll. Punch out a blue circle with a circle punch and glue googly eyes to it. Draw a small mouth and tongue. Stick the head onto the paper roll. Cut two large blue wings and two smaller green wings. Attach the wings to the paper roll using split pins. Cut 6 green stripes for the legs and 2 green stripes for the insect’s antennae.

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Steps 20-81

Apply 6 strips on the body, three on each side.

Steps 20-91

Glue the beard to the head.

Step 20-101


Paint the roll with black acrylic paint.

Step 20-1

Make a blue stripe at the end of the roll.

Step 20-2

Cut out a small green heart and glue it onto the paper roll.

Step 20-3

Punch out a red circle using a circle hole punch and glue on the googly eyes.

Step 20-6

Draw a small mouth and a tongue with a black liner.

Glue the head to the body.

Cut out two red wing shapes and attach them to the body using split pins.Step 20-7

Cut 6 red stripes for the legs and 2 red stripes for the antennae.

Step 20-8

Glue the legs in, three on each side.

Step 20-9

Add 2 antennae.

Step 20-10

All has been done!

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Now let’s make these bugs fly by moving their wings.

Is this project interesting to you?

 Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

That’s all for today.

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

See you soon with more manual bugs!

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Do as much as you like.

Toilet paper roll craft ideas

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