Easter Corner Bookmarks With Template

With Easter just around the corner, we’re sharing this tutorial showing you how to make an Easter Corner Bookmark using Templates – create a bunny and a chick and encourage your children to read more.

This is a perfect Easter craft that requires little preparation and is very useful.

Cute Easter Corner Bookmark with Easter Crafts Template for Kids

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These cute little bookmarks will both monitor your reading progress and decorate the corners of your books, we think the bunny looks super fun with its ears sticking out of the book.

Both of these are very easy to make, you just need a sheet of paper, a printer, scissors and our template glue. In contrast to origami corner bookmarks, these are much easier to make.

Easter corner bookmark with Easter Crafts template for kids

If you like these, you’ll love the fact that we also have bug corner bookmarks as well as frog corner bookmarks with more cool designs coming soon.

Easter Corner Bookmark With Template

How to create an Easter corner bookmark using a template

What you need:

Instructions step by step

Print out the templates – black and white or pre-color.

If you plan to make black and white pictures, let your child color in the designs first.

Once ready, cut out the craft design, cutting along the outside line.

Next cut a slit across the top, going full diagonal.

Cut to the end of the line but be careful not to cut any dashed lines.

The dashed line is for folding.

Start by folding the first dashed line – one to the right of the full line you cut. Fold it as shown on the image below.

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Flip the template over (you will see the word glue) and fold along the next dotted line.

Make sure the folds are nice and crisp.

Fold the last dashed line.

Open the last one, apply glue to the triangle marked with the word glue.

And fold it again (press down to make the glue secure).

For the bunny, you will also need two more ears.

Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom part of the ears and stick them to the back of the bunny’s corner bookmark.

All has been done! Your Easter Corner bookmark is ready to be placed inside a book.

Easter Corner Bookmark With Kids Craft Template

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