Chick Pop Up Card Template

We’ve got a brand new pop up card ready for you and just in time for Easter – print out this Chick Pop Up Card Template, a great Easter craft idea for your kids.

You can use this card as a pop-up card or play with it and make the chick talk.

Easter Craft Chick Pop Up Card Template for Kids

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We love making all kinds of Easter crafts for kids, who can get bored of bunnies, chicks and colorful eggs?

Chick pop up card template

How to make a chick pop-up card

What you need:

  • Our printable craft templates
  • red cardboard (other colors are also available)
  • printing paper (regular or heavy)
  • drag
  • glue
  • color supplies if you print black and white models

Instructions step by step

Print out the form.

If you print the picture in black and white, let your child color in the chick.

Cut the pattern – cut along the outside line (rectangle).

There is a dashed line running across the pattern – fold along that dashed line (with design on the outside).

Now let’s look at the line in the middle of the beak.

Cut along that line.

There are two diagonal dashed lines running along the beak, folding along those lines.

Makes the folds nice and sharp.

Now open the card.

Push your finger (from behind) through the beak and slowly begin to close the card.

Nice and easy, so that all the parts fall into place.

Run your fingers through the folds to make them crispier.

Paste the folded card inside the red card (made of cardboard). First one side…

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Then apply glue to the other side (of the template), then close the card and wait for the glue to set.

All has been done! Your Chick Pop Up card is complete.

Handmade Chick Pop Up Card Template

Get the Chick Pop Up card template

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