Colorful Paper Caterpillar Craft

Learn how to make the most colorful Paper Caterpillar Craft – it’s super easy to make and you can make it in all the colors of the rainbow, or just one.

This caterpillar craft would be great to make in the classroom because caterpillars make the best display for a bulletin board.

Colorful caterpillar craft paper

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Today we present to you a super caterpillar project, an easy spring craft idea for kids to make.

We bet you’ll have a great time doing this project!

Colorful caterpillar craft paper for kids

And once you learn how to make this cute caterpillar, you can make a bunch of them and share them with your friends.

Colorful caterpillar craft paper for kids

They will love them too. Colorful paper crafts for kids to make

How to make a colorful paper caterpillar

What you need:

  • round awl
  • color paper
  • glue
  • chenille bar
  • sharp eyes
  • black lining

Materials used

Let’s go!

Instructions step by step

Use a round hole punch to punch out a series of circles and fold the circles in half.

We use 7 circles to form a ball.

Feel free to use more if you want.

Step 1

Apply a little glue to one side of the two halves of the paper.

Step 2

Glue the halves of the paper together.

Step 3

Attach the ends together and you’ve got a ball.

Step 4

Make 6 more colorful balls.

Step 5

Take the chenille stick and make a small hook at one end.

Step 6

Start stringing the colorful balls onto the chenille stick.

Step 7

Now your project will look like this.

Step 8

Wrap the other end of the chenille stick around to secure the balls from falling out.

Step 9

Punch a circle and attach googly eyes.

Step 10

Draw the caterpillar’s mouth.

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Step 11

Punch a few more rounds.

Step 12

Apply some glue to each one, glue them together, then attach the face on top of them.

Step 13

Attach the caterpillar’s head to the body.

Step 14

All has been done!

Colorful paper crafts for kids to make

Isn’t it cute?

Colorful caterpillar craft paper for kids

We had so much fun making this caterpillar project!

Colorful paper crafts for kids to make

How about you?

Colorful paper crafts for kids to make

If you love caterpillars as much as we do, you can also check out some of the other caterpillars we’ve made here on Easy Peasy and Fun.

Colorful caterpillar craft paper for kids

See you soon with more fun crafts.

Colorful paper caterpillar craft ideas

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