How to Make an Origami Heart

Spread the love with these adorable folded paper creations. Learn how to make an origami heart, one of the easiest origami projects out there. We’ll guide you through the entire process in just a few easy-to-follow steps that your child will quickly master.

This origami figure is perfect for Valentine’s Day; You can even make cards with them. Just fold the heart and glue it to the card (make sure the card is a different color for the best effect).

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We have quite a few easy origami tutorials suitable for kids and beginners and it’s time we added hearts to the list. These are fun and a great way to spread love to friends and family.

Origami heart craft

Once you’ve created your first heart, you’ll soon want to create more hearts. It’s addictive.

Homemade Origami heart

How to make Origami heart

What you need:

  • origami or a square piece of paper (red or other color)

Step-by-step instructions

Start with a square sheet of paper. If you are new to origami, we recommend using origami or two other types of colored paper because this way it will be easier to know where you are. But since this project is pretty easy, regular paper will work just as well.

Step 1

Fold the paper in half.

Step 2

Then unfold it and turn it face down (colored side facing your work surface).

Step 3

Fold in half (colored side on the outside).

Step 4

Let’s open it again. Fold in half towards the middle.

Step 5

Turn over (the part you folded should be facing you).

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Step 6

Fold the bottom right corner toward the center.

Step 7

Repeat the step on the other side.

Step 8

Turn over (the pointed part will be facing you). Fold the right edge to the middle.

Step 9

Repeat with the left side.

Step 10

Now fold the top right corner towards the center.

Step 11

Do the same with the left side.

Step 12

You now have a hexagon-like shape in front of you. Carefully bend the top part.

Step 13

And fold it into the “pocket” at the bottom of the hexagon.

Step 14

Then, press firmly to create a firm fold.

Step 15

Gently open the upper right part.

Step 16

Run your fingers over the folds.

Step 17

Repeat on the left side.

Step 18

Grasp the top right corner and fold it over.

Step 19

Repeat on the left side.

Step 20

To complete the heart shape, fold the top two corners down a bit.

Step 21

All has been done!

Step 22

Flip the heart over and ta-da!

Step 23

Origami heart is complete!

Make your own Origami heart

Let children get creative with colors! While making heart origami, they can try out vibrant shades like purple, pink, and yellow for amazing and eye-catching results!

Make your own Origami heart

Have fun!

Origami heart idea

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