3D Valentines Day Paper Whale

Want to create something special and cute for V-Day? Let’s make a cute 3D paper whale Valentine’s Day craft using cardboard with our step-by-step instructions.

3D Valentine's Day paper whale craft

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We love making all things Valentine’s Day themed projects (see Valentine’s Day Fingerprint Tree Craft or Handprint Heart Craft ) and make some extras handmade.

DIY 3D Valentine's Day paper whale craft

The first one we will show you is this small and cute Valentine whale. We hope you’ll craft with us, and we hope you’ll love this pink whale as much as we do.

Valentine's Day in whale paper

It has a pink heart on the top of its head and the head can spin around, which means you will have a lot of fun playing with it.

How to make 3D paper whale crafts for Valentine’s Day

What you need:

  • dark pink cardboard
  • light pink cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • round awl
  • The ruler is circular
  • black lining
  • split battery
  • circle object
  • drag
  • glue

Materials used

Let’s start!

Step-by-step instructions


Draw circular objects on light pink cardboard.

Step 1

Cut out the circular object with scissors.

Step 2


Draw a circle (the size of this circle must be equal to the size of the punched circle later).

Step 3

Draw two fins and a tail.

Step 4

Cut out this whale shape with scissors.

Step 5

Glue the whale shape to the center of the light pink circle.

Step 6

Punch out a dark pink circle.

Step 7

Attach this circle to the body shape using split pins.

Step 8

Separate the pins on the back of the light pink circles so the circles stay in place.

Step 9

3D body

Cut four dark pink stripes.

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Step 10

Fold their heads.

Step 11

Glue the first dark pink stripe onto the dark pink circle.

Step 12

Add a second dark pink stripe. The stripes will form an X shape.

Tape them on top so they don’t move.

Step 13

Add the remaining two stripes. This 3D shape is the whale’s body.

Step 14


Cut a small light pink stripe.

Step 15

Fold it up like you see in this picture – we call this the door shape.

Step 16

Stick the door image on the whale’s body.

Step 17

Cut a wider strip of light pink then use scissors to create a comb shape.

Step 18

Glue this comb shape to the door shape as shown in the picture.

Step 19

Wrap the comb shape around the door shape and seal with glue at the end.

Step 20

Cut another stripe from light pink cardstock.

Step 21-1

Fold one end of this strip.

Step 22

Place this strip over the whale’s body.

Step 23

Draw, cut out, then glue a small hot pink heart on top of this last stripe.

Step 24

Mouth and Eyes

Take a black liner and draw a small round mouth.

Step 25

On white paper, draw two small round eyes.

Step 26

Cut out the eyes and glue them onto the whale’s head.

Step 27

This octopus is so adorable!

V-Day 3D paper whale craft

Your 3D paper whale craft for Valentine’s Day is complete!

DIY 3D Valentine's Day Paper Whale

Happy V-day!

3D Valentine's Day paper whale craft idea

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