4th of July Handprint Art – Uncle Sam and Eagle

Trying to think of a cool independence day handprint art? Search no more because these two 4th of July Handprint art ideas are just the cutest.

Make a simple bald eagle or a slightly more complicated Uncle Sam (best for older kids, who can make this themselves).

4th of July hand print art

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Independence Day is a great time to make patriotic crafts – maybe ones themed to the Amarican flag, bald eagle, or Uncle Sam (and we’re sure there are many more).

Handprint Art - Eagle And Uncle Sam

How to Make a 4th of July Hand Drawn Painting – Uncle Sam and the Eagle

What you will need:

  • Oil paint
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • drag
  • glue
  • black marker
  • black and white cardboard.

Instructions step by step

Uncle Sam guided

If you are working with younger children, to make souvenirs for their family members, you will need to hand-paint them yourself. Older kids can draw their own hands, and Uncle Sam’s handprint art is geared toward older kids because it’s more complicated.

Let the child draw his hand as follows – the 3 middle fingers are red, the thumb and tip of the little finger are skin-colored, the pinky and little fingers are blue and the palm is white.

Step 1

Ask them to press their hand down hard on the box or sheet of paper – towards the bottom of the paper (three middle fingers touching and pinky and squishing). This makes the body. Wait for the handprint to dry completely. Prepare for the second handprint.

Paint the palm of your hand with skin tone paint, middle finger blue, index finger and forefinger red. Turn the canvas around and press the hand down (above the previous handprint).

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Let the fingerprint dry completely.

Finish the hat by using a paintbrush or red finger paint and pressing it down. Dip your fingertips in skin-tone paint and make ears.

Then dip your fingertip in white paint and give Uncle Sam some hair and a beard.

Step 2-1

Let the paint dry completely.

Decorate! Draw the face with a black marker, draw a tie, add a border if necessary and a few stripes on the shirt.

Step 3-1

Your Uncle Sam handprint craft is complete!

Uncle Sam's Handprint Art

Bald Eagle Guide

Bald eagle handprint art is easier, so it’s more suitable for younger children. For this eagle handprint, make sure to use your canvas in a horizontal position. You can also paint the canvas with a light background color (eg light grey, light blue) to make the eagle stand out more.

Paint the 3 middle fingers with white paint.

Step 1-1

Press your hand down on the canvas towards the bottom. Let it dry.

Continue painting the hand brown and the thumb white.

Step 1-2

Press your hand firmly down on the canvas, tilting it to one side. Repeat this step with the other hand and press it down next to the first step.

Let the fingerprint dry completely.

For the beak, you can dip your fingertip in yellow paint and press it onto the eagle’s head.

Step 2

Let the paint dry completely.

Add details with a black marker.

The eagle handprint is completed

Your eagle handprint craft is complete!

4th of July handprint art

Wishing you successful manufacturing!

4th of July handprint art

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