50+ Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Let’s get crafty with one of the most versatile and frugal crafting materials for kids! Browse through our collection of the best toilet paper roll crafts for kids and find a project for any time of the year.

Put all your empty toilet paper rolls to good use. Don’t limit yourself to toilet roll crafts only, any cardboard roll can be used, paper towel roll crafts will look especially cool.

You’ll find them all, easy toilet paper roll crafts from animals to holiday and season-specific crafts using toilet paper rolls. Don’t like these rolls or you are crafting in the classroom? Use a kitchen towel or even store-bought paper craft rolls instead.

Crafting with toilet paper rolls is most popular with preschool-aged children and kindergarten, but some projects are entertaining (and cool) enough for even older kids to make. It’s a great way to encourage recycling and creative thinking. It’s almost magic what all can be made by using simple cardboard tubes. Once your kids are done with their fun projects they can even use their creations as toys in pretend play.

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For the Classroom or in the Home

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Owls on a Tree

Making toilet paper roll crafts is a great activity both to do at home and in school as most of the time this is an easy craft. When crafting in the classroom, focus on projects like making a tree filled with toilet paper roll owls, each student making their own, that will make a great bulletin board display.

The Best Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

Get your kids inspired with these paper towel tubes and toilet paper roll craft ideas, from simple crafts to marionette puppets, the sky is the limit when it comes to crafting with toilet paper tubes.

1. The Buzzing Bee Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Cute Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

Have the kids make a buzzing bee! This is a fun one that can either be made by painting the toilet rolls or wrapping them with collage paper.

Check out the toilet paper roll bee craft tutorial >>

2. Black Cats

Paper Roll Black Cat

There is no need to stick with only the black ones though, your kids can easily make them in any other color as well. But black ones certainly look cool, don’t they? Kids of all ages will enjoy this project.

Check how to make the cat tube crafts here >>

3. Dinosaur (T-Rex)

Dinosaur Paper Roll Craft

If you thought it was impossible to make the “all-time favorite” dinosaur out of a loo roll, you might be surprised. Just look at how cute this T-rex is!

See the T-rex craft tutorial here >>

4. Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Paper Roll Handprint Flowers

Make a wonderful floral garden out of rolls – use the handprint outlines for blooms or make regular-shaped ones out of construction paper.

Find the tutorial here >>

5. Dancing Snowman Windsock

You can also make all kinds of decorations with TP rolls – just check out this dancing snowman windsock. When the wind blows, this craft is pure magic.

See how to make a toilet paper roll windsock >>

6. Peacock

Cute Paper Roll Peacock Craft for Kids

You can create all kinds of birds out of toilet paper rolls, peacocks probably being the most fun to make of them all.

See the full tutorial here >>

7. Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Another cool bug that can easily be made with a tissue paper roll is the ladybug. Just paint the tube black and add a pair of red wings and you are good to go. If you want to make this solely out of recycled materials, use a sheet of used paper and paint it red.

See the whole tutorial here >>

8. Monsters

Cute Paper Roll Monsters Halloween Craft for Kids

This one is an easy way to get the kids creative. Monsters are the best toilet paper roll crafts kids can make because there are limitless ways you can make one and there is no wrong way to go about it. This project is made more fun if you supply your kids with googly eye stickers.

Check the tips and tricks for making tp roll monsters here >>

9. Unicorns

That’s right, you can even create one of the most magical fairy tale creatures out there, the unicorn.

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See the full tutorial >>

10. Toilet Paper Roll Marionette Puppets

Toilet Paper Roll Dog Puppet Craft for Kids

With a bit of string, a few sticks, and some imagination, your kids can transform the toilet paper rolls into the coolest marionette puppets.

Learn how to make a toilet paper roll marionette puppet >>

11. Crab

Paper Roll Crab Craft

Are your kids fans of sea creatures? Have them make this friendly sea dweller.

See how to make one here >>

12. Foxes

Fox Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Transform an ordinary toilet paper roll into a fun woodland friend. With a few strokes of orange and white paint or some cleverly shaped craft paper, your child can fashion a cute and cuddly fox. There really are no limits when it comes to toilet paper crafts.

Check out the toilet paper roll fox craft tutorial >>

13. Easy to Make Dogs

It’s super easy to make these doggos! Paint the paper roll, cut out some ovals and circles for the snout and ears, and stick them on the roll. Draw in all the fine details (chalk markers are great!). You can make all kind of breeds with these toilet paper tube crafts.

14. Giraffe

Giraffe Paper Roll

Could you imagine you can even make a giraffe out of a toilet paper roll? It’s pretty simple and a fun idea kids will love.

Give it a go >>

15. Polar or Regular Bear

Polar Bear Pom Pom Paper Roll Craft

With just a couple of pom poms and construction paper you can transform an ordinary loo roll into a lovely little polar bear or brown bear. This is a perfect way to celebrate this magnificent animal.

See this polar bear craft tutorial >>

16. Space Shuttles and Rockets

Toilet Paper Roll Space Shuttle

All the little space enthusiasts will love transforming a regular paper roll into a cool-looking shuttle or a rocket ship ready to fly off into space. This is one of the best ideas for all the kids who say they want to be an astronaut when they grow up.

17. Space Windsock

Space Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft Idea

Once the kids have crafted their rocket, it’s time to make a place for the rocket to fly. These space windsocks make a great pair for the shuttle craft.

See the tutorial here >>

18. Koala

Paint the loo roll gray, cut out the belly from lighter paper, and stick it on the tube. Cut two circles out of darker gray paper, stick pink paper in them, slightly pinch them to give them shape, and glue them on the back of the roll. Stick on a nose and draw in details.

19. Butterfly

DIY Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

This toilet paper roll craft idea allows for a much more colorful expression. There are no limits when it comes to making your own butterfly.

See how we made ours here >>

20. Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky monkeys are so fun to make with toilet paper rolls.

21. Elephant

An elephant is yet another fun character you can make by adding just a little bit of construction paper to your loo roll creation.

22. Bats

Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

Manipulating the toilet paper rolls a bit will make the best shape possible for making the bats out of them. Just add a pair of wings and draw in some other details and you are done.

See how to make this toilet paper roll craft >>

23. Frog

Pape Roll Frog Craft for Kids

Ribbit, ribbit! Calling all frog lovers and we know there are many little ones out there!

Check out the whole tutorial here >>

24. Hedgehog Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Hedgehog Paper Roll Craft for Kids

If you have a bunch of brown construction paper laying around you can make a hedgehog in no time! If not, why not color a cereal box brown and recycle it into this craft?

See how to make this animal here >>

25. Simple Snowmen Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Making snowmen out of toilet paper rolls is easy peasy, it’s probably one of the easiest toilet paper roll crafts out there. Just paint the rolls white, draw in a few details, and add a paper strip scarf (don’t forget the carrot nose either).

Check out this easy to follow tutorial >>

26. Witch

When thinking about cute toilet paper roll crafts, witch is not usually something that comes to mind, but this one sure is. Make cute witches out of toilet paper rolls (or scary ones if your kids prefer that). Make the hair out of paper (best for older kids) or out of yarn (best for younger kids).

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27. Penguins

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Transforming loo rolls into fun-looking penguins is easy peasy!

See the whole toilet paper roll penguin craft tutorial >>

28. Chicks

Chick Paper Roll Craft for Kids

While most popular in spring, little chicks can be done year-round! And you can even add an eggshell. It’s one of the most fun toilet paper roll crafts.

See how to make them here >>

29. Octopus

Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Another really cute toilet paper roll craft that is really easy to make is the octopus. Just add a few strips of paper and your aquatic friend will come to life.

See the tutorial for making one >>

30. Turkey

TP Roll Turkey Craft for Kids

Gobble, gobble it’s turkey time! There are many ways you can go about making this large bird.

See how to make turkeys here >>

31. Mouse

Mice are yet another cute animals you can create from toilet paper rolls. A great material to use for this craft is old brown paper bags – the color and texture will add something extra to this project (plus this makes it all about recycling).

32. Bookworm Pencil Holder

DIY Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder Craft for Kids to Make

Need to organize your kid’s pencils? Why not make a pencil holder out of toilet paper rolls? You can make a bookworm which is perfect for the start of the new school year. If younger kids are making this one they will need a little help from you.

See how to make toilet paper roll pencil holder >>

33. Rainbow Cloud

Rainbow Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

This is hands down one of the most fun looking toilet paper roll crafts ever, but you do need colorful tissue paper to really make this one shine.

See how to make a toilet paper roll rainbow windsock >>

34. Ghosts

Ghost Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

Another fun character that looks amazing as a windsock is a ghost. Floating in the air, these ghost windsocks make a great decoration for Halloween.

See how to make one here >>

35. Dog Shaped Treat Bag

DIY Dog Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If your kids will be filling these with treats, do use kitchen paper towel rolls or store-bought craft rolls instead of tp rolls.

See how to make paper tube treat bags >>

36. Tuxedo? Yes, please

Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft for Kids

Toilet paper roll crafts can look pretty fancy as well. Dress one up to look like a tuxedo.

Check out how to make one here >>

37. Bunnies

Making bunnies out of toilet paper rolls is yet another easy to do tp roll craft. You can keep it simple and only add the big bunny ears, or you can make things even more interesting by adding floral details. Don’t forget about a pom pom bunny tail either.

38. Robot Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Making robots out of toilet paper rolls is extremely fun. Be sure to give kids plenty of shiny materials to work with – candy wrappers, chips bags, metallic stickers… Anything really! There are no rules when it comes to decorating these.

39. Dalmatian and Daschund

Dog Toilet Paper Roll Craft

When it comes to toilet paper roll crafts and dogs, you can even use them to teach kids about different breeds of dogs, or have the kids make their favorite breed.

Make these toilet paper roll dogs >>

40. Lion Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Paper Roll Lion Craft

It’s so easy to make the king of the jungle, even easier if you have a large hole punch in your home.

See how we made ours here >>

41. Reindeer

Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

The most fun Christmas character is also the easiest to make, but it absolutely does need a red pom pom to make it look really cool.

Check out the full tutorial >>

42. Dog pencil holder

DIY Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder Craft for Kids

Daschunds are beyond perfect for this craft. Have the kids make them as long as they wish – there is no such thing as too long.

See how to make one here >>

43. Pig

With lots of pink paint or pink paper, your kids can easily transform a normal loo roll into a fun looking piglet.

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44. Butterfly Portrait

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft For Kids

You can even make paintings and wall art by using toilet paper rolls.

See how we made this butterfly art >>

45. Snake

Snake Paper Roll Craft

With just a little bit of imagination (and by adding some construction paper) you can make a snake too.

See how we made our snake paper roll craft >>

46. Owls

Toilet Paper Roll Owls for Kids

Owls are another fun creation you can make with loo rolls, the ones in the image above are great for older kids as they do require better fine motor skills.

Check out how to make them >>

47. Learning with toilet paper rolls? Yes!

TP Roll Addition and Subtraction Activity

You can also utilize paper rolls as an educational tool.

48. Character Dolls

One of the most fun cardboard tube crafts are these little dolls. Paint the paper rolls with skin tones, and dress them up by wrapping fancy scrapbook paper. Add paper hair and hair accessories. Last but not least, with the help of acrylic pens, draw in the facial details. Older kids will thoroughly enjoy these – you can even make this a self-portrait activity.

49. Tiger

Making a tiger is yet another fun project. Paint the loo roll orange (or wrap it in orange paper) and add black strips.

50. Pair Toilet Paper Roll Crafts with Paper Plates

Paper Plate Windmill

Take toilet paper roll crafts to a whole new level by combining them with paper plates as backgrounds. A wonderful paper plate canvas awaits!

See how we made this windmill craft >>

51. Explore the Seasons – Winter

Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your classroom (or home) in the winder and want to use toilet paper rolls, you need to give this easy winter windsock craft a try.

See how we made it >>

52. Fall Windsock

Fall Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

Fall is another time of the year that can be perfectly captured by a toilet paper roll windsock craft.

See how we made ours >>

53. Toilet Paper Roll Bracelets

One of the most fun activities you can do with toilet paper rolls is to have the kids design their own accessories, namely bracelets. Have the kids use markers to design their own, or if you want to fancy things up, supply the kids with rhinestone stickers or googly eyes.

54. Toilet Paper Roll Houses

Be it regular houses, or fairy houses, transforming toilet paper roll tubes into houses is pretty fun.

55. Dancing Ladybugs

Ladybug Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft Idea

Have your kids make ladybugs that will be joyfully dancing in the wind. They will look wonderful displayed on the porch.

See how to make this loo roll craft >>

56. Another Take on Ghosts

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids to Make

If you don’t have room to hang windsock-type ghosts, your kids can make these simple ones instead.They are as much fun as the other ones.

See the whole tutorial >>

57. Canvas Art

Light House Art for Kids

You can also use toilet paper rolls to make all kinds of 3D canvas art projects, just like we did this 3D lighthouse scene. The best part of this is that this type of crafting with empty rolls really makes it a creative craft. Encourage your kids to use the cardboard rolls in a creative way.

See the lighthouse canvas art tutorial here >>

58. Flowers a little differently

Building all kinds of shapes out of loo rolls and enhancing them with paint will enable your kids to make proper works of art.

See how we made this toilet paper roll flower canvas >>

59. X-mas tree

Even if you are the most eco-conscious person out there, changes are you will end up with all kinds of sparky (hopefully bio-degradable) glittery stuff over X-mas. Why not put it to good use and recycle it into a Christmas craft.

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