50 Printable Bird Coloring Pages

Discover all kinds of cute and realistic birds in this set of printable bird coloring pages. With 50+ unique designs, many of them being free bird coloring pages, there is a sheet for everyone.

So have your kids grab crayons, or if you yourself are a bird aficionado, grab some markers or colored pencils and start coloring!

Bird Coloring Pages

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Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages

We prepared a set of 10 Free Birds Coloring Pages that you can download immediately.

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Drawing birds can be an excellent way for your child to improve their artistic skills. Have them learn How to Draw an Owl, a Baby Chick in six easy steps, or a Turkey! Need more coloring? Explore our vast collection of Coloring Pages.

In the Nest

Joy in the Nest

Look at our cute baby bird with a leaf on its head, sitting in the cozy nest high up in the tree.

Freedom in the Forest

Bird in the Forest

As the gentle breeze rustles the leaves, the proud bird remains content in the forest amongst the leaves.

Newborn Chick

Cute Bird Coloring Page

Look, a tiny, fluffy chick has just hatched out of its egg! Kids can color the eggshell with vivid colors to make it stand out or use pastel colors to make the eggshell blend into the environment.

Nesting in the Birdhouse

In the Birdhouse

This is the cutest bird coloring page yet! Our little bird nests cozily in a wooden birdhouse surrounded by lush greenery. Have your young ones bring this delightful scene to life.

Bird of Paradise and Nymph Cockatoo

Bird Coloring Sheet

Our next coloring page features two stunning birds – the bird of paradise and the nymph cockatoo. Have kids color this beautiful tropical setting with any colors they like.

Big Bird Coloring Sheet

Bird Coloring Page for Pre-K

Are you looking for an easy-to-color bird coloring sheet? We got you covered! This one is perfect for the youngest kids, as they can color it with crayons or thicker markers.

Majestic Flamingo

Proud Flamingo

Our majestic flamingo coloring page brings beauty to your kid’s day.

Easy Bird Coloring Sheet

Easy Bird Coloring Sheet

Here is another excellent bird coloring page for the youngest ones! They won’t have any problems coloring the bird and the background with the broad areas. Have them use their best coloring supplies and enjoy.

Happy Bird

Bird Walking Around

What species do you think this bird is? It could be a baby owl, but we’ll leave the decision to you and your kids. Have them color the whole page!

Singing out Loud

Bird Singer

Our beautiful singing bird coloring sheet will let your kid’s imagination take flight! The charming little bird is singing its heart out. Have kids use their soft shades of blue and green, or any color they like, to add to the scene’s natural beauty.

Member Bird Coloring Pages

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We prepared previews of the remaining 42 Coloring Pages your kids can color.

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Woodpecker Coloring Page

Woodpecker Coloring Page

We have company! Have your kids grab their markers and color the woodpecker coloring page! Our bird is busy pecking away the bark of a tree in search of food. Kids can color the simple design on the woodpecker’s feathers, head, and tail. Let them not forget to color the tree bark’s textures, the background’s greenery, and the sky.

Toucan on a Branch

Rainforest Toucan

Kids can explore the vibrant world of the toucan with this coloring sheet. Our bird has colorful feathers and a thick curved beak. They can make the toucan as vivid as they want and even draw some tropical flowers to create a paradise!

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Life in the Pond

Living in the Pond

This page features a graceful swan swimming in a pond surrounded by greenery. Kids can use soft shades of gray to capture the bird’s elegance and beauty. Of course, they can use any color they want.

Singing Bird Coloring Page

Singing Bird Coloring Page

Let your children color this sweet little birdy perched on a thin branch with its beak wide open. We can already hear the birdsong and the delightful singing! Have them color the whole page!

Calm Starling

Cute Starling Coloring Page

Our starling is sitting on a branch, waiting to be colored. Kids can paint each feather differently or use darker shades of purple, gray, and green. They can even add their artistic touches to it!

The Blue Jay

Curious Blue Jay Coloring Sheet

Look at our blue jay bird, walking among tall blades of green grass. Kids can color the feathered friend with any colors they wish. We’re sure they’ll create a serene scene when they finish.

Happy Rooster

Rooster Coloring Sheet

Do your kids love farm animals? Our rooster coloring page will be perfect for them! Have them grab different colors and bring the image to life! It’s super fun and has a straightforward design to color!

Pelican Enjoying the Day

Enjoying at the Beach

Have kids color the cute pelican walking among a shoreline full of pebbles. The pelican’s distinctive beak will pop out if kids use yellow or orange colors! They can use shades of blue or green to make the water realistic.

Penguin on an Ice Block

Penguin Coloring Sheet

This little guy is standing proudly on its icy throne. The cute penguin is wearing a scarf and a winter hat, ready to brave the chilly weather. Kids can use the gray shades to color the penguin’s body, add a touch of orange or yellow to stain the feet and the beak, and use their vivid markers for the scarf and the hat.

Showing off Plumage

Peacock Show Coloring Sheet

Encourage your children to unleash their inner artist with a stunning peacock coloring page. The bird proudly flaunts its vibrant plumage and is ready to be colored.

Night Owl

Nocturnal Animal Coloring Page

Wow, what beautiful eyes this owl has! Have kids color the wise bird on a tree branch, ready to take on the night. They can mix browns, grays, and yellows to make it more realistic. Whatever colors they’ll use, the page will be a hoot!

In the Rainforest

Rainy Day for a Toucan

This playful toucan has returned from its adventures and is waiting for the rain to stop. Have kids make the bird as colorful as they want. These are primarily black with splashes of blue and parts of yellow and red in different areas. Leave the kids to decide what colors to use on their own.

Smiling Ostrich

Adorable Ostrich Coloring Page

Get your young ones to color this fantastic ostrich coloring page. The tall and graceful bird is ready to explore the world of the vast landscape. It can’t wait to be brought to life and spark your kid’s imagination.

Swimming Duck

Swimming Duck Coloring Sheet

Check out our duck coloring page – it will be perfect for the youngest kids with all the broad areas to fill in. The bird is gracefully gliding through the water.

Nesting Under the Sky

Nesting Bird Coloring Sheet

Out bird found a perfect spot to nest high up in the tree tops. Have the young artists color the nest, the bird, clouds, and four other birds flying in the background and bring the page to life.

Flying Macaw

Flying Macaw Coloring Sheet

Get those coloring supplies out and have children color the stunning macaw in flight! These birds come in all shades and colors. Kids can use striking red, blue, and yellow to make their feathers pop out!

Happy Peacock

Cute Peacock Bird Coloring Page

This fantastic peacock coloring page can be colored in many different shades! It is perfect for kids who love animals and enjoy coloring with other markers. Let them make this bird as vibrant as they want.

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Sunny Bird Coloirng Page

Finch Bird Coloring Page

What a beautiful day in nature! Your young ones can bring the bird to life with vibrant colors. They can experiment with shades of brown to color the branch motives, use green shades for the grass and bushes behind, and color the sky blue. The sun is shining, and so will your kid’s masterpiece when they finish.

Cute Hummingbird

Tiny Hummingbird

Welcome to the world of a hummingbird! Although our bird is small, the oversized design will be great for kids of all ages. These birds usually come full of vibrant colors and intricate details. Have your kids color the page within the lines to improve their fine motor skills.

In Love

Birds Dancing in the Sky

These two birds must be in love – we know it! Children can color the whole page to the frame, adding vivid colors to the birds in midflight. We’re sure they’ll make a masterpiece when they finish.

Goldfinch in the Forest

Goldfinch on a Branch

What a lovely scene! Have youngsters color another cute bird coloring page – a goldfinch standing on a branch in the woods. These birds are usually yellow and black, with bright red faces, but kids can use whatever coloring combinations they want!

Flying Parrot

Flying Parrot Coloring Page

We love parrots, and this guy looks like he is having fun flying around fast. This parrot coloring page will be great for kids of all ages and throughout the year. Get the coloring supplies, and let the fun begin!

Flying Over the Fields

Bird Flying over Fields

Children can imagine flying through the sky with this bird as they color the page. Encourage them to think about how the fields stretch out in a patchwork of colors, and in the distance, they can see the tall trees of the forest and some clouds.

Happy Birdy

Flying Bird with a Hat

Where is this little guy headed? We think our feathered friend is carelessly flying around with a silly hat perched atop its head. Let your kid’s creativity take flight by coloring the whole page in whatever colors they want.

Dancing in the Sky

Butterflies and Bird Coloring Page

Look how happy these three friends are, flying among the clouds effortlessly. Get those coloring supplies out of the drawers and have kids color the page with their favorite colors. They can make the bird and the butterflies stand out using vivid colors, then color the sky with pastel shades, to bring this peaceful scene to life.

Mountain Eagle

Eagle Coloring Page

Say hello to our majestic eagle observing the valley high up on a mountain peak. The cartoonish eagle is standing on the edge of a rocky cliff, waiting to get colored. Have your kids grab those crayons, markers, or other coloring supplies to make this beautiful bird pop out of the scenery.

Lovely Dove

Dove Mid-Flight Coloring Page

This graceful flying dove coloring page is perfect for younger kids, with plenty of wide open spaces for coloring. Let your kid’s imagination take flight with this easy-to-color sheet.

Owl on a Branch

Cute Baby Owl on a Branch

The main character of our next coloring page is a cute little owl sitting on a branch in the middle of the forest. The owl’s big eyes and fluffy feathers keep watch over the woods. Have kids use greens, browns, and other colors to make this nocturnal bird pop out.

Big Crow

Big Crow Coloring Page

The youngest kids will love to color this cheerful crow surrounded by an easy-to-color landscape. They can color the bushy shapes in green as if they were bushes or use shades of blue to make their clouds! Remember, the crow is, among others, a symbol of joy, and that is what we want your kids to experience – joy!

Flying above the Clouds

Chickadee in the Sky Coloring Sheet

Our flying friend is having so much fun with its beak open wide, filling the sky with beautiful music. Have your children use those markers and color the whole page.

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Serious Toucan Bird

Colorful Toucan

We love toucan birds; they seem magnificent with their enormous colorful beaks and feathers. Our friend is holding on to a branch, surrounded by a tropical jungle. Kids can color the whole page up to the frame to make the toucan appear vivid!

Young Owl

Cute big eyed bird coloring page

The next bird coloring page is sure to delight kids of all ages. Our cute baby owl seems playful and curious and can’t wait to be colored by young artists.

Cardinal Bird Coloring Page

Silly Cardinal Bird Coloring Sheet

We have a quirky, cartoonish cardinal bird to color! Have your kids grab their coloring tools and color the cardinal bird with shades of red and gray. Whatever colors they’ll choose, we bet the design will become a whimsical page.

In the Forest Bird Coloring Page

Realistic Bird Coloring Page

We’re moving to the hearts of a lush forest. Let your kid’s imagination run wild as they color all the leaves, trees, branches, and non less, the main character – the cute bird! The intricate design is perfect for kids who have a bit of patience. They can use subtle shades to blend the bird perfectly with its surroundings.

Nocturnal Life

Owl in the Pine Forest

What a beautiful starry night sky with a cute little owl in front of the scenery! This is a neat coloring page for kids who love animals and nature and enjoy coloring. Our owl is all ready for it!

Happy Birds Coloring Sheet

Bird Friends Coloring Sheet

Here is a fun coloring page featuring three happy birds – a toucan, a parrot, and an eagle. Each bird has its personality and charm – the toucan with its oversized beak, the parrot with its colorful feathers, and the eagle with a piercing gaze. Have your kids explore their creativity and color the whole page.

Cute Owl

Baby Owl in the Woods

We got another serene scene with a majestic owl standing on the ground, surrounded by towering trees. As your kids color the page, they will bring this charming bird to life uniquely.

Macaw Bird

Baby Macaw for Coloring

What a cute baby macaw bird! Its charming expression will surely bring a smile to your children’s faces. We bet your kids will love the broad areas this coloring page has to offer. Have them use their favorite markers and make the bird stand out with bright colors.

Duck in the Pond

Happy in the Puddle

Ready for another cute bird coloring page? Our cute baby duck is enjoying the puddle. Kids can use bright colors or pastels to make the page as colorful as they wish. They can color the whole page up to the frame, creating the grass green, the skies blue, and the ground brown.

Dancing Chicks

Charming Baby Chicks Coloring Page

Younger kids will love the simplicity of this bird design. Three adorable chicks will look amazing in yellow or orange shades. The decision is all in the hands of the young artists – let their imagination flow.

In the Night

Night Owl

Have your young ones ever had the opportunity to observe owls? They are such majestic creatures! Our owl friend is perched on a tree branch at the forest’s edge on a starry night. The design is great for kids who love to challenge themselves with coloring within the lines.

Cute Bird Coloring Sheet

Happy Baby Bird

Last but not least in this collection of bird coloring pages. We already fell in love with this adorable bird. We bet your kids will too! Have them color the fluffy feathers with any colors they wish. They can add blue and yellow shades to make it pop out.

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