Bunny Handprint Art

Let your child or student make a lovely Easter souvenir – let them paint their hands and make bunny handprint art.

While older kids can learn how to draw a bunny, younger kids can use one of the coolest paintbrushes around, their own hands, to create the perfect bunny (and a great gift for parents or grandparents).

Rabbit handprint art

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When it comes to creating handprint art with toddlers, it’s mostly an adult-led activity – great for souvenirs (you’ll be able to see the little prints for years to come). With older children, handprinting can certainly be child-led, and since it has a nice “messy” factor, it can be a fun activity.

This Easter art idea can be a great classroom activity because it doesn’t require much preparation and if you hand press the cards you can create the most amazing homemade Easter cards to send home to parents.

Rabbit handprint art

What you need:

  • paint – acrylic paint for older kids, washable paint for younger kids
  • drawing pen
  • paper

Craft supplies

Step 1

Squeeze or add a little paint to your hand. You can also squeeze paint onto a palette and have your child paint with a paintbrush.

Drip PantsStep 2

Paint only the palm and fingers of one hand, do not paint the thumb.

Step 3

Press your palm into the paper, spreading your middle and ring fingers apart to separate the bunny ears. Slowly and carefully lift your painted hand off the paper.

Make a rabbit paw print

Step 4

Hand washing ;).

Step 5

Time to decorate! Paint your ears.

For facial features, kids can use a paintbrush or a black marker, whichever is easier for them. Draw eyes, a nose, a mustache, and a mouth. Bunny teeth too if you like!

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Step 7

Let dry.

Handprint Rabbit Art


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