Movable Chicken Paper Doll

Another paper doll awaits you – print out the template and make this fun moving chicken paper doll.

This fun chicken craft will help you make a doll chicken that guards Easter eggs (or regular eggs) and when you pull the string up and down, its wings will move. How fun is that?

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This product combines our cool looking bunny doll and chick doll, creating the most exciting Easter activity trio.

Of course, you can use this method year round and it is also a fun way to learn about chickens or the chicken life cycle.

So print this sheet out, color it with your favorite coloring supplies, and have fun.

Moving Chicken Paper Doll Craft for Kids

Moving Chicken Paper Doll Craft

How to make a moving chicken paper doll with our template

What you need:

  • our printable craft template (download at the end of this tutorial) – there are two designs!
  • cardboard (laminating machine recommended, you can also use regular paper if you will be laminating the template parts)
  • drag
  • coloring materials
  • rivet
  • yarn (or something similar)
  • clear glue/tape
  • handmade stick
  • skewer or other sharp object (child-friendly plastic needle)

Watch video

Follow the step-by-step instructions below

Step 1:

Print our mobile paper chicken doll template. We highly recommend printing on cardstock, the heaviest paper your printer can handle. Lamination of the template parts (after you color and cut them) is also an option and we highly recommend it.

Step 2

Color all the designs. If you are doing this craft for Easter, make the eggs very colorful.

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Step 3

Make small holes. We recommend using a skewer to punch two holes in the body of the doll and two holes in each wing. Older children can make the holes themselves, while younger children will need adult assistance.

Step 4

Cut out the designs.

Step 5

Thread the yarn through the outer hole on the wing. A plastic needle is a handy tool, since we didn’t have one we improvised and made one out of paper.

Step 6

Continue pushing that thread through the outer hole on the remaining wing.

Step 7

Push the nail through the hole in the chicken body, the open side facing the back of the chicken body.

Step 8

Place the wing on top of the body, with the nail through the hole inside the wing. Flare the open ends to secure the nail.

Repeat with the remaining wing.

Step 8

Glue a craft stick to the back of the chicken body. We used both glue and tape to make sure it really held.

Step 9

Position the wings so that they are “loose as if they are falling”. Tie the yarn together.

Step 10

Enjoy the game with the moving paper chicken.

Cute Movable Chicken Paper Doll for Kids

Easter Craft Moving Chick Paper Doll

Get the moving chicken paper doll template here

Get the sample here: Moving Chicken Doll

Happy crafting!

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