Hidden Message Easter Card

Love surprises? Get creative this Easter and surprise your loved ones by creating an Easter card with a lovely hidden message.

We have two unique versions of this mystery card for your child or student to make and enjoy together.

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Easter brings us lots of cute little animals like Easter bunnies, chicks, lambs and themed symbols like Easter eggs and many more.

Since we love to color and make things that are cute, easy, and fun, we’ve prepared a set of two Easter cards to share with you and your kids this holiday season.

Surprise your loved ones by making a unique colorful Easter card with a hidden message inside.

These cards are sure to make great gifts and great decorations for the upcoming Easter.

You can choose between two versions of Easter cards with hidden messages or just print, color and make both.

The first Easter card template has a large Easter egg on the front and back. The second hidden message template has an Easter bunny, a chick in a basket, and several other Easter eggs to color.

Both cards have three images for the sliding mechanism – a bunny, an Easter egg, and a flower – to choose from.

Are you ready to make Easter cards? Let’s get started!

Handmade Hidden Message Easter Cards Made of Paper for Kids

Handmade Hidden Message Easter Cards For Kids

How to Make an Easter Card with a Hidden Message

What you need:

  • Our printable hidden message easter card template (get the template at the end of this tutorial)
  • paper (we recommend thicker printing paper – we use 160 gsm white printing paper, but regular paper will work too)
  • printer
  • drag
  • glue
  • coloring materials
  • scoring tool (or simply something similar at hand)
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Are you ready to make Easter cards? Let’s get started!

Watch video

Follow the step-by-step instructions below

Choose the version you like and print it out (can be found at the end of this guide).

Color the card template with some vibrant colors to make it really pop. We used green marker for the background and yellow for the frame.

Use scissors to cut the pattern along the dotted lines.

Choose your favorite image for the “window” mechanism and color it.

Crop your image out.

Fold the front side of the hidden text card (the one that says “CUT OUT”) in half to make it easier to cut out the window part of the card.

Fold all the edges of the card in and create sharp creases by pressing them down lightly.

It’s time to insert our pull-out mechanism (we cut it out of the second page of the template).

Apply a little glue to the edges of the card and make sure you have the sliding mechanism installed correctly before folding the card.

Fold the Easter card so that they stick together.

Apply a little glue to the slide mechanism and place it on the image of your choice (we decided to use an Easter egg).

Open the sliding window and write a hidden message…

…and slide this mechanism back onto the card to hide it.Cute Easter Cards With Hidden Messages

Your Easter card with your message is complete and ready to spread joy.Easter Card Ideas With Hidden Messages

Print Easter cards with hidden messages

Get version one and version two here.

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