Dino Pop Up Card

Do you have a pop-up storybook? If so, then you know how great they are, right? What’s your hobby? And if you don’t have one or don’t know what it is, don’t worry at all. You will witness the magic after we complete the project today. It will be a cute dinosaur pop-up card.

Dino pop-up card

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You can use this card as a gift to your friends and make them very happy.

Dino pop-up cards for kids to make

We’re excited to show you how to make one with really simple steps to follow.

Dino pop-up cards for kids to make

How to make Dino pop-up cards

What you need:

  • a 6×9 inch piece of cardboard
  • a 4×5 inch piece of cardboard
  • Print pop-up cards
  • drag
  • glue
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • decorative materials (we painted the little leaves by hand, but feel free to use any decorations you like, beads, pom poms, washi tape…)

Materials used

Instructions step by step

Start by folding 4×5 inch cardboard in half.

Step 1

Use a ruler and pencil to measure 2 cm horizontally and 4 cm vertically (in the middle) on the cardboard.

Step 2

Use scissors to cut two vertical lines 4 cm long on the folded side. Here we have made the slots.

Step 3

You can create multiple slots if you plan to add other pop-up artwork to your card.

Step 3-1

Next, open the card and fold the tab inward.

Fold the tab in the middle.

Step 4

Now you can see this tab is inside the card.

Step 4-1

Fold the remaining 6×9 inch cardboard in half and glue the smaller piece of cardboard to it on the inside.

Be careful not to put glue on the tab as it will not open.

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So just avoid that tab and apply glue around it.

Step 5

Cut out the pop-up prints (use colored versions or color them in with colored pencils of your choice).

You can draw your own artwork if you like and use it instead of prints.

Now stick the little dinosaur on top of the tab.

Step 6

Apply some glue on the flowers and arrange them around the cute creature.

Step 8

Decorate the outside of the pop-up card with your chosen materials.

Last step

You can write a fun message if you want, on the outside of the card or inside the card. Finished!

Step 7

OH! What a wonderful card you made!

Just open it and see the creature appear instantly!

Dino pop-up cards for kids to make

Interesting project, right?

Dino pop-up cards for kids

Thanks for stopping by and follow along for more fun crafts!

Dino pop up card craft ideas

Get the dinosaur pop-up card here

dinosaur pdf popup card (1)

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