Disguise a Turkey as a Unicorn Printable Template

One of the most fun Thanksgiving activities is turkeys in disguise. Disguising a turkey as a unicorn craft will be a fun one, and it will easily help your kids turn an ordinary-looking turkey into a unicorn (and thus, the turkey will avoid becoming dinner).

As Thanksgiving approaches, clever turkeys are doing all they can to avoid detection, and clever disguises are a surefire way to avoid detection. With our free printable camouflage unicorn turkey template, the camouflage is guaranteed to work. This template also includes an article that encourages children to write creatively.

Disguise your Turkey into a unicorn printable

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This project can be done at home (this is a fun family activity) or can be done in the classroom. If you regularly do turkey dressing projects in class as a send-home activity, then you already know that it’s good to have some low-prep projects on hand for kids who forget things At home. Pair this with a mermaid turkey in disguise or even a snowman turkey for even more fun.

Now, you may ask what makes this so special? Well, with our unicorn makeup, the turkey can put it on or take it off in just a few seconds. Kids will absolutely love this! One second it’s a turkey, the next it’s a turkey cleverly dressed as a unicorn.

Disguise Türkiye as a Unicorn

How to assemble a turkey disguise into a unicorn printable

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can get a free printable at the end of the tutorial, or you can get the entire 25+ disguises)
  • paper – regular printer paper is fine, heavier printer paper, cardstock is even better
  • colorant supply
  • glue, scissors
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Step-by-step instructions

Print a turkey in disguise as a unicorn printable. There are many different printable versions (simple instructions for the different versions are in the PDF). We’ll show you one way you can use the template.

Print the paper with the words I am not a turkey, I am… on it as well as a regular turkey template. Also print sheets with unicorn accessories.

The paper with the inscription must be colored to look like a regular turkey without camouflage.

The remaining panel will be used for camouflage. To camouflage the unicorn turkey, we colored the feathers with rainbow colors, suitable for unicorns. We don’t color the body because our unicorn will be white.

The turkey tail can also be painted all green to look like a bush or a forest.

Let your child color in the accessories.

Cut out the turkey accessories and outline (the one the kids colored is the unicorn).

Now apply the camouflage to the turkey.

Hide turkey legs with unicorn legs.

A horn and some flowers are a must.

Take the paper with the image of a normal-looking turkey. There is a dashed line at the bottom. Fold along that line.

Apply glue to the crease, right under the turkey’s belly.

Now take the turkey disguised as a unicorn and stick it on top, aligning it with the turkey on the bottom so it covers it completely.

It’s all done and now let’s see the magic.

Disguise Turkey as a unicorn craft

I’m not a turkey, I’m a unicorn! Or a turkey if the camouflage disappears.

Disguise your Turkey as a unicorn paper craft

Get more outfits

Do you like free software? Get even more cool designs! The entire set with over 25 unique characters is available to Easy Peasy and Fun members as well as in our TpT store.

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