DIY Monster Halloween Card (Cute Monster Craft)

If you and your kids think it’s true that every holiday deserves a greeting card, then you’ll love this DIY monster Halloween card tutorial.

It’s so easy to make and it makes the coolest little DIY Halloween card. And the monster also opened its mouth! What’s not to love?

DIY monster Halloween card

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We love making a great Halloween craft for kids to play with (like our fun witch puppet craft) but we also love sharing ideas for projects kids can have can make and then give as gifts and this little monster craft is just that! It allows you to get creative – just take our card as an example and get creative with your monster.

DIY Monster Craft Ideas Halloween Cards

How to make your own Halloween monster card

What you need:

  • Paper comes in many different colors
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • drag
  • glue

Step-by-step instructions

Fold a sheet of cardboard (black is perfect) in half to make the card base.

Run your fingers along the crease to make it nice and crisp.

Cut two large circles (ours were bright green). Glue the first one onto the card.

Fold the second one in half and glue it to the card.

Press it down so the glue stays in place.

Cut a smaller circle from red paper, fold it in half and glue it inside the folded circle.

Cut teeth out of white paper. They can be triangular or square depending on your preference. Glue them inside the monster’s mouth (so they protrude a little from the edge.

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Cover the monster’s mouth. If you want, draw nostrils or other details and add a pair (or more) of glittery eyes.

Cut a pair of wings or other tentacles from paper (we made blue wings) and glue them on your monster.

You can also use horns, octopus-like tentacles, whatever.

Add a pair of legs (or a dozen).

Add notes inside your card. You can use acrylic or chalk pens if you want to write on black paper.

If you can’t cut a shape from lighter paper, stick it inside your monster card and write a note.

That’s it, your DIY Monster Halloween Card is ready to make someone’s day!

DIY monster Halloween card

Halloween Monster Craft for Kids

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