Halloween Handprint Mask

Letting kids make their own Halloween handprint masks adds a whole new level of fun to this spooky celebration.

You can make it super simple and just decorate with paint, or you can challenge your kids to create all sorts of different characters or animals – birds are a great example.

How to make a Halloween handprint mask

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It’s all about candy and spooky costumes when it comes to Halloween. That and make the coolest Halloween crafts! This project is especially great as a classroom project because everyone will be able to make their own unique mask. After you’re done, why don’t you take a group photo with the whole class?

How to make a Halloween handprint mask

What you need:

  • construction paper (black or any other color)
  • glue
  • skewers, large craft sticks, or paper straws if working with young children
  • drag
  • paint (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

If using skewers, you can let your child decorate with ribbon.

Apply glue to fabric ribbon (or use paper) and wrap it around the skewer.

Set aside and let the glue set.

Fold a sheet of construction paper (in our case black) in half, place your hand on it (fingers facing the open end) and draw around it.

Cut out (make sure not to cut the fold).

Open your hand of construction paper.

Use a pencil to mark the eye opening position on the mask.

Cut holes for the eyes.

Decorate the mask however you see fit. Draw dots or add different colored shapes from construction paper… Anything goes!

If you want to give the mask a little volume to hug your face, turn the mask over and tape the “thumbs” together.

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Take a skewer, paper straw or craft stick and stick it on the mask (one side).

All has been done! Your Halloween handprint mask is complete.

Halloween handprint mask

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