Dragon Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

When it comes to fairy tale creatures, none are as gorgeous as the dragon and this is why we know your kids will love this set of printable dragon coloring pages. If you have preschool or kindergarten-aged children, there are plenty of simple designs to choose from, and if you have older children, there are also plenty of more practical designs (actuality is used very loosely in This).

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Printable dragon coloring pages

We have prepared a large collection of 30 dragon coloring pages for your children to color. You can choose from the simplest designs to more detailed designs that will delight older children.

Once kids have finished coloring their dragon, they can learn How to Draw a Dragon with our guided step-by-step tutorial.

Free printable dragon coloring pages

To warm little hands, we have 10 free gifts to share with you. They will be great all year round, especially when it comes to fairy tale characters.

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Dragon sits

Look at this baby dragon sitting on the floor as he enjoys a beautiful day. Why not give him a little color and paint the sky a vivid blue.

Cute dragon coloring page

Dancing dragon coloring page

Dragons just love to smile and jump around while flying with their big wings. This coloring page will be perfect for all the kids who love these majestic creatures.

make fire

make fire

We know dragons can breathe fire from their mouths; Let’s see how this legendary character masters the fire! Color the whole scene and have fun.

Castle and dragon coloring pages

Castle and dragon coloring pages

They are one of the best guardians in the fairy tale world. Majestic, majestic and huge. This dragon coloring page will look amazing once colored. Children can paint the sky a darker color to make the dragon and stars shine.

Realistic dragon coloring pages

Realistic dragon coloring page

Try coloring this dragon with your favorite markers. He will look great wearing green, red, purple or any color you want. Don’t forget to color the background too – it will make him stand out even more.

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Dragon waving

Cute dragon coloring page

Below is a dragon coloring page that is perfect for kids who need a large area and an easy-to-color design. Grab those coloring tools and color him!

Sleepy giant


The giants also feel tired and need a good night’s sleep. This dragon is taking a nap in a grassy area. Color him however you want.

Dragon reading coloring book

Dragon reads books

Did you know dragons can read? Neither do we, but this person seems to be learning and we’re all happy about it. We know he’ll look adorable in vibrant colors.

Sitting dragon coloring page

Cute baby dragon coloring page

This cute baby dragon looks like he’s ready for adventures. He has two large horns and wings. Grab your markers and color this guy green, pink, purple or any color – he’s sure to look amazing.

Flying On Palm Trees

Fly through the jungle

Fly with dragons and color this legendary creature flying above the palm trees. Doesn’t he look majestic? This coloring page would be perfect after some dragon stories.

Dragon coloring page for members only

Do you want more dragons? We’ve got you! Get access to the entire collection of dragon coloring pages by becoming our member and get more content for your kids.

See a preview of 30 dragon coloring pages below. The entire set is available in our member library. Ready? Let’s color!

Jump over the rainbow

Jump over the rainbow

Jumping over rainbows is one of the fun activities that dragons love. They can’t get enough of it. Color your own rainbow dragon and have fun.

Hug me

Waiting for a hug

These amazing reptiles love to hug each other. This guy just opens his arms and is ready to hug and color. Try out your highlighter and make the entire page as colorful as you want.

Glory dragon coloring sheet

Big dragon coloring page

Coloring this dragon will be fun for older kids because they can play by adding color to each scale on the dragon’s neck. Once your child is done, they can also color the background.

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Fly high

Flying Dragon

Their giant wings can carry dragons anywhere they want. They fly so quietly that we rarely see them and they are also very fast. Have your kindergarten students color this page with their favorite coloring supplies.

Dragon hatched

Hatching dragon coloring page

People say dragons are reptiles and they hatch from eggs. This little guy is just starting his life – look at him emerging from his eggshell, while his other siblings are still in their eggshells. Color the entire page and enjoy the ancient world of dragons.

Cute dragon coloring page

Pick flowers

Dragons also like flowers. Are you brave enough to pick a flower and give it to this adorable giant? We’re sure this guy is friendly. Run your marker and color him.

Majestic giant

Dragon coloring sheet

The legendary creatures are so majestic and fun in color, we can’t get enough of them. This coloring sheet would be perfect for preschoolers who love dragons.

The baby dragon blew fire

The baby dragon blew fire

He is brave, can fly and breathe fire – who is that? Of course, it was a dragon testing his skills. Color this baby reptile coloring page with your favorite coloring supplies.

Fly above the town

Fly over the city

What an amazing sight, a dragon flying over the city at night. Color this giant in vivid colors so he stands out beautifully in the night sky.

Little dragon

Little dragon

Dragons are already very strong when they first hatch, so they have no problem breaking their egg shells. This baby dragon spreads its wings and gets ready for adventures.

Enjoy the day

Enjoy nature

There’s nothing better than being sunbathed by a dragon. This guy chose a beautiful, cloudless day to warm his body. Color him and the environment with your favorite coloring supplies.

Dragon laughed

Little dragon coloring page

Have you ever seen a cute baby dragon smiling? This coloring sheet will be great for young children who need a larger area to color.

Dragon coloring page

Coloring picture of mythical dragon

We know dragons can breathe fire – that’s why they can also guard volcanoes. Their skin is so strong that they can calmly sit on hot lava without any problems. Take your colored pencils and color the rainforest, the volcano and the dragon sitting on it.

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Laughing dragon coloring page

Laughing dragon coloring page

Someone must have told this cute friend a great joke. He was smiling so brightly, even his wings were moving. Have fun coloring this dragon coloring page any color you want.

Cute dragon waving

Lovely dragon

Wave back to the adorable dragon and start your journey by coloring this page. This guy would look great against a green or blue background, so use some vibrant colors like yellow or pink to color it.

Surrounded by mountains

Between the mountains

This dragon seems lost but he knows exactly where he is – in the mountains. He just came to eat grass and maybe find some new friends there. Make some magic with your coloring supplies.

Dragon with hot air balloon

Dragon and Balloon

The dragons also celebrate their birthdays and this one received a lovely balloon as a gift. Look how happy he is holding it. Even a butterfly came to say hello. Color the entire dragon coloring page and have fun.

Baby dragon flying coloring sheet

Fly around

Another adorable baby to be colored – a baby dragon in flight. He even noticed we were ready to color him and was waving at us. Make him fly by coloring him with your favorite colors.

Dragon coloring page

Cute dragon coloring page

Dragons like to fly but also like to ride clouds so they can rest a bit. This cloud dragon coloring page would be great after a dragon fairy tale.

Conquer the mountain

Master of the mountain

Legendary creatures have many duties, from breathing fire to protecting their territory. Just look at him defending his mountain. We knew we wouldn’t dare go near it. Have fun coloring it!

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