Rainy Day Paper Umbrella Craft

Spring brings many rainy days and if you and your kids are stuck at home because of the rain, why not take advantage of it and make this fun rainy day paper umbrella craft?

You only need paper, glue and scissors to create the most colorful handmade umbrellas with your little ones. This one just screams to be displayed on the refrigerator.

Craft paper umbrellas for rainy days

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We have shown you how to make paper umbrellas this way, but they are more decorative than the kind that hang on the refrigerator. So this time we’re going to make a spring craft that has a cool 3D effect and can easily be hung on the wall (or a spring bulletin board if you’re making this in the classroom).

Handmade rainy day paper umbrellas for children

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How to make handmade paper umbrellas on a rainy day

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • White paper
  • colored paper (e.g. light green, red, green, yellow, blue, purple and brown)

Step-by-step instructions


Have your child cut a circle from light blue paper. You can also cut a circle from an old cereal box and paint it blue (it’s recyclable).

Step 1

Make an umbrella

The canopy we made consists of 10 parts (you can use more to make the umbrella fuller or a few parts less). You can let your child cut out the circles themselves (using round objects as stencils – cups work great) or let them use a paper punch.

Step 2

Now fold the circles. Take the first circle and fold it in half.

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Step 3

Then, fold it in half again.

Step 4

To create the first umbrella piece, have your child unfold the last fold and apply glue to the surface.

Step 5

Gently press together.

Fold another paper circle in the same way. We recommend making the second one the same color as the first to make the colors really pop but your child can choose any color they like.

Step 6

Apply glue to one of the folded circles (on one side) and glue another circle on it.

Step 7

Gently press together to secure the glue.

Step 8

Have your child repeat this process with other paper circles.

Step 9

As they create more folded paper circles, ask them to overlap them as they go.

Step 10

You can make the umbrellas as many colors as you like or even just use a single umbrella.

Step 11

We think the more the better for a good-looking umbrella.

Step 13

Once the pieces are glued together, have the kids apply some glue on the background circle (or on the umbrella), unfold the umbrella parts, and glue the umbrella onto the background circle.

Let’s aim it a little to the top.

Step 17


Now, draw the handle of the umbrella on the brown paper and cut it out.

Step 18

This part should be glued under the umbrella.

Step 19


Have children draw floating clouds on a white piece of paper.

Step 20

Ask them to glue the clouds onto the light blue sky.

Step 21

The craft of making paper umbrellas on rainy days is completed! You can also add some raindrops by drawing them with a marker or using scraps of paper from a hole puncher.

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Craft paper umbrella

We love how colorful it is!

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