Easter Carrot Treat Box

If you need a fun and economical gift box idea for your students or kids – make this simple Easter carrot gift box.

These are simple enough to make and use as rewards for your class (we also have a handy template to make things even easier).

Easter carrot gift box crafts for kids with printable templates. Fun Easter paper craft ideas for kids.

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Easter has definitely become a holiday that kids really enjoy – bunnies, chicks, colored eggs! Oh my! And treats, especially little chocolate eggs.

These mini carrot bags are the perfect place to store kids’ favorite snack.

Another fun way to use these boxes is to hide them around your Easter egg hunt as an extra surprise for the kids to find. Why just hunt for eggs when you can pick up carrots along the way.

Easter Carrot Gift Box Craft for Kids with Printable Template

How to make an Easter carrot box

  • orange and green paper
  • some additional paper colors
  • drag
  • glue
  • pencil
  • our printable template (get it at the end of the guide)

Follow the instructions

Print out our craft template. You can print it on orange paper or print it on regular paper and trace the shape onto the orange paper. Once you have the shape on the orange paper, cut it out.

There are dotted lines on the template. You need to fold along those lines. Unfold.

Apply glue along the “thin” fold.

Fold the remaining paper up and glue it to the thin part.

Glue the hole closed at one end. Now you only have a hole on one side.

Let the glue dry.

Cut a rectangle (about the same length as the gift box) and cut as shown.
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Stick it inside the carrot box.

Decorate! There are several shapes on the template that you can use to decorate your bag.

You can decorate it as you like or leave it as is.

Handmade Easter Carrot Gift Box

Handmade Easter Carrot Gift Box with Printable Template

Get the Easter Carrot Gift Box Printable

Download and print the Easter carrot gift box template here.

Guide contributed by Muhaimina F.

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