How to Make Origami Flowers – Origami Tulip Tutorial with Diagram

Learn how to make an origami flower – this origami tulip tutorial will show you how to make a super easy flower that can stand on its own!

You can modify this project to suit all ages, so this is a great and easy origami project for kids, even preschoolers as they can just make the flower without the stem, while older kids and toddlers can do the entire project, just with the stem.

How to make origami flowers. Step by step instructions for making origami tulips.

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We’ve prepared for you a great and easy to follow step by step guide, along with video instructions, printable origami folding diagrams, and even a printable diagram to get the correct paper size so you have plenty of ways to learn how to fold.

Tulips are the easiest origami flowers you can make and are beautiful enough to be a fun project for all ages. If you are working with preschoolers or kindergarteners, have them just make the flower, no stem. You can have them glue the flower to a card base and have them create a beautiful origami card.

We recommend using origami paper for any folding project, however you can just use regular printer paper and maybe even let your kids decorate it themselves, if you decide to use our printable template?

Are you ready to make your own origami tulip? Let’s start folding!

How to make paper tulips.

How to make paper tulips.

How to Make Origami Flowers – Instructions for Making Origami Tulips with Diagrams

Printable Origami Tulip Chart

What you need

  • a small and large sheet of origami paper – we provide a printable template in the sizes we used in our project, which you can download below (along with a printable diagram, perfect for classroom use).
  • drag
  • glue is optional
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Watch Video Tutorial

Or follow the step-by-step instructions below

Prepare two sheets of origami paper – one small and one large. We provide a template of the size we used in our tutorial (you can find the template at the end of this tutorial).

We’ve also prepared a printable diagram that you can print and make origami flowers anywhere you want (which is also great if you’re doing these in the classroom). This diagram can also be found at the end of this tutorial.

How to make simple Origami tulips

Start by making an origami tulip. Fold a piece of paper in half diagonally to form a triangle (colored side out).

Fold it in half again, making a crease right in the middle of the triangle, then unfold.

Grab a corner, we’ll start from the right corner, and fold it up, not straight down the middle but at a slight angle.

Do the same on the other side.

Your tulip is almost done – it just needs a little “beautifying” detail. Turn the flower over and fold the side corners in – this will give your flower shape more definition.

Do this on both sides and you’re done!

If you are making this origami flower with young children, this is where you stop because the stem is a bit more complicated.

How to make simple Origami flower branches

Start by folding a larger piece of green origami paper diagonally to form a triangle, unfolding it. We do this to mark the center of the diagonal.

Fold the corners to the center (the center point is indicated by the diagonal fold you made earlier).
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Fold both corners to the center. Make sharp, clear folds.

Next, fold the two new corners you got in the previous step to the middle again.

Again, make sure the folds are nice and sharp.

This is what you look like now.

See the two new corners? We need to fold these two corners into the middle again. Nice and easy.

Fold both of them together and this is the shape you will see.

Almost done! You should fold your diamond in half, not the top and bottom corners together.

Close – fold the shape in half (the smaller part needs to be on the inside)

Done! All that’s left to do is push the “spike” inside out a bit and run your fingers through all the folds to crisp them up.

How to Assemble Origami Tulips

This part is not exactly origami as there are some small cuts but this is what is needed to put these two parts together to create the most beautiful origami flower.

Cut a small amount off the bottom of the origami tulip. Spread the flower out a little (you can do this simply by pushing your finger down from the top – so the hole opens up a little.

Push the flower into the stem. Done! Your origami tulip is ready to display.

You can easily separate the flower from the stem, if you want a more permanent solution just use a little glue.

Instructions for making tulips with origami paper.Get Origami Tulip Pattern and Instructions with Diagram

Tulip origami paper size and diagram

Happy crafting!

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