Fall Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Embrace fall with this colorful fall toilet paper roll craft (according to the colors of fall).

If you’re not a fan of toilet paper rolls, they can easily be replaced with paper rolls or kitchen tissue.

Autumn Windsock Toilet Roll Craft Ideas for Kids

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Fall is a wonderful season, and the colors you observe in nature provide lots of arts and crafts inspiration for children.

This handmade piece of Windosck captures autumn perfectly – yellows, oranges and browns are the “signature” colors of this time of year. And since fall can be windy, a handmade windbreaker is a great item – just display it outside and watch it dance in the wind.

Autumn Windsock toilet paper roll craft

How to make an autumn Windsock toilet paper roll craft

What you need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • brown
  • Autumn colored tissue paper
  • Construction paper in fall colors
  • drag
  • glue
  • awl hole
  • yarns
  • brown marker pen

Step-by-step instructions

First paint the toilet paper roll brown. If you don’t like toilet paper rolls, you can also make brown craft paper rolls.

Let the paint dry. Once completely dry, punch two holes in one side of the roll using a single hole punch.

Push the thread (or other type) through the holes.

Tie at the top.

Draw a leaf shape on paper. One color is enough but multiple colors will make this craft look more beautiful.

Cut out leaf shapes.

Apply some glue to the back of the leaf and stick it onto the paper roll.

Cut long strips of tissue paper. Apply glue to one end of the tissue paper strip and stick it to the inside of the toilet paper roll.

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Glue tissue paper around.

And that’s all there is! You just made a toilet paper roll craft using autumn breeze fabric.

Autumn Windsock toilet paper roll craft for kids

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