Easy Natural Christmas Card Idea

Receiving a handmade Christmas card brings so much joy. Creating something that looks good doesn’t have to be complicated; This simple, natural Christmas card idea looks really unique and is super easy to make.

Cypress branches are best to use because they are usually thicker, but other trees can also be used. If you don’t have a cypress tree in your backyard, you can turn this project into a tree hunting adventure with your kids, which is also a great opportunity to teach kids about different types of conifers.

Natural Christmas card ideas

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The scent of conifers is one of the staple scents of Christmas, although less so in modern times than in the past. This easy Christmas craft is great for all ages; It’s easy for younger kids to make a card, and you can make a pretty looking card, too. Perfect for a family craft session, making your own Christmas cards.

Easy natural Christmas card ideas

How to make this easy natural Christmas card idea

What you need:

  • Cypress (or other coniferous) branches
  • scrapbook paper (optional), you can also use regular paper
  • pom pom balls (optional)
  • glue
  • drag
  • Cardboard comes in a variety of colors

Since not all trees are created the same way, you may need to search to find the right one. There are many varieties, and some are perfect when used straight from the plant, while others will benefit from pressing down for a while to flatten them.

Overall, these cards perform very well.

Step-by-step instructions

You can buy blank cards at craft stores or you can let the kids make their own. For best size, cut a letter or A4 sized piece of cardstock in half. Take one half and fold it in half to create a blank card. Any color is fine, because we will make a white background for the card, the darker the color, the more prominent the card will be.

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Cut a smaller rectangle from white construction paper or another light-colored rectangle. You can draw around the card and just trim a little from the top and from the side.

Apply glue to the rectangle and stick it on the folded card.

Take the cypress branch and cut it to size so that it is just a little shorter than the size of the white rectangle. Apply white glue to the tree branch.

Carefully glue the branch onto the card. Hold it in place for a while, gently pressing down to make the glue secure.

Cut a trapezoid from scrapbook paper. You can also use regular paper, but the patterns on scrapbook paper really add character to the card.

Apply glue to the paper and press it onto the card. Hold it in place so the glue stays in place.

It’s time to decorate the mini cypress tree. Grab a few pom poms. Apply glue to the pompom (glue also works).

Gently press the pom pom onto the card, holding it in place for a moment.

All has been done! We hope you like this easy, natural Christmas card idea and that you’ll have a blast with your family.

Easy and beautiful natural Christmas card ideas

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