Easy Paper Spider Craft for Halloween

It’s amazing what little wonders you can create from regular paper, just look at this easy paper craft and its funny little feet. Easy as pie!

Combined with a little yarn, this 3D paper spider makes the ultimate DIY Halloween decoration. Just imagine hanging a bunch of them throughout your home.

Spider Paper Crafts for Kids - Easy 3D Halloween Paper Crafts

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Even if you’ve planned all your Halloween activities and crafts, there’s still room for this creepy little reptile. What makes this paper craft so great is that you don’t need a lot of supplies and it can be done with kids as young as preschool and kindergarten age.

If you’re doing this project with younger kids, all you need to do is cut strips of paper for them, while older kids will do it on their own. To make this easy, use a paper cutter to create even strips.

This is a great Halloween project to do in the classroom, if you do it you can ask the kids to make a wreath out of their 3D paper spiders. Also, print out some fun Halloween coloring pages or even instructions on how to draw a spider web for early finishers because some kids will complete this project faster than others.

How to make a spider model with 3D paper

What you need:

  • black paper (plain paper, you can also use other colors naturally)
  • drag
  • glue
  • googly eye stickers or regular white paper and a black marker

Step-by-step instructions

You will need 6 paper strips of approximately the same size.

We do ours by using a paper cutter to cut a sheet of black paper along the shorter side and cut them about a “thumb” wide. This means our strip of paper is 8.5 inches (22 cm) long and about 3/4 inch (2 cm) wide.

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We don’t recommend making them smaller than this size (this one is really great) but you can make them larger.

This step is optional but it will make assembly a little easier. Align all the paper strips and fold them in half.

This will create a crease that will act as a guide to always apply the glue in the right spot.

Set the two paper strips aside. With these four, we will make the body of this paper spider.

Take the first strip of paper and apply glue to the fold (or if you skipped that step, apply glue somewhere in the middle of the strip).

Glue the second strip of paper on, forming a cross.

Apply glue again and add another strip of paper between the first two strips (45° angle). And another one.

You will get a beautiful snowflake-like shape.

Now it’s time to turn this paper spider into a 3D model! Hook the ends of a strip of paper together (forming a circle) and glue them together.

Repeat with all of them. For the final step, to make things easier and to get the glue to adhere better, press down on the paper ball at the top, gently flattening it. Hold it in place for a while to let the glue set.

We’ve got a bouncing ball in our hands, now it’s time to turn it into a spider (or for now into a cute bat-shaped craft).

Make spider legs

Take the two strips of paper you set aside and cut them in half along their length. You will get four thinner strips of paper, perfect for making spider legs.

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Glue them together in the same way as you did with the body, but this time arrange them at a sharp angle as you glue them (create a bow shape).

Apply a sufficient amount of glue between the paper strips (where they meet) and stick it onto the paper ball. Leave it for a while until the glue hardens.

It so cute? It looks amazing and we’re not even done yet.

To make spider legs into creepy crawlies, fold each strip of paper in two places.

Add a pair of googly eye stickers or a pair of eyes that you drew and cut out from white paper and you’re done.

Now isn’t this the coolest paper spider craft you’ve ever seen? It’s so bouncy! And you can attach strings (with tape) and hang these cute cakes everywhere.

Paper spider craft

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