Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card

We have another DIY Father’s Day card idea for you and this one is super fun too! Make a Father’s Day Thumbs Up card with your kids. A fun 3D card that you can make using our handy template or by tracing your child’s hand (this makes it even more personal).

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Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids

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Are you celebrating Father’s Day? Or just want to show your appreciation for the coolest dad on any other day of the year (you can also do this with a fancy trophy card).

Yes, we have designed a brand new card that looks amazing!

Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids

How to make a Father’s Day greeting card

What you need

  • Our printable card template (with optional hand sketching)
  • thicker white (or cream) printing paper
  • colored paper (regular printer paper is perfect, construction paper will work too)
  • drag
  • glue

Step by step instructions

Print the card template on thicker white card stock. We have both a pre-colored version and a black and white version so kids can color in their favorite colors.

You will also need to sketch out the hand. You can ask your child to draw their hand (fingers spread) on paper or use the hand sketch template we have included.

You can find the template at the end of this tutorial.

Cut out both the card template and the hand outline.

Place it on the card, centering it. You’ll feel how much “extra” you need to cut off.

Cut off the “extra” paper.

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Fold the card in half along the dotted lines.

Apply glue to the palm and thumb.

Glue the hand shape to the card base.

Apply a little glue to the tip of your index finger, bend your finger and stick it to your palm.

Repeat with all other fingers.

You have received a compliment!

All has been done!

Father's Day card ideas.

All you need to do is write an even more wonderful message inside the Father’s Day Card and give it to the most wonderful dad in the world.

Father's Day Greeting Card Ideas

Get Father’s Day Greeting Card Templates

Get the pattern here: Thumbs up For Daddy

Happy crafting!

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