Father’s Day Tuxedo Heart Card

Looking for the ultimate Father’s Day card idea that’s also easy to make? We’ve got you covered because this Father’s Day Tuxedo Heart Card is all that and more! This project is perfect for at home or in the classroom because it’s low-prep (no prep required if your child has good scissor skills) and quick to make. Plus it’s super personal.

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Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card Ideas for Kids

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Let’s make the best Father’s Day card ever. We recently shared a tutorial that showed you how to make a magical Father’s Day card, and while it could definitely win the “best card of the year” award, it’s not really suitable for all ages (older kids will have a blast while younger kids will struggle).

Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card Ideas for Kids

So an equally great card, with a wow factor and a simpler design was needed. Our heart floral card is one of our most popular projects (ever), as is this heart notebook, so we thought the tuxedo design would be fun to make as another Father’s Day option.

Print the template, draw your image or write a personal message, fold and decorate quickly!

Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card Ideas

Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card for Kids

Tuxedo Heart Shaped Father’s Day Card

What you need:

  • our printable heart card template with bow (get it at the end of this tutorial)
  • Thicker paper for the card base (regular paper will work too)
  • a sheet of black paper (regular printer paper or construction paper)
  • red paper for bow (or red marker)
  • drag
  • glue
  • Mini clothespins (available at craft stores and dollar stores)
  • mini buttons (many buttons purchased from craft stores are usually cheap)
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Step by step instructions

Print out the invitation templates (2 sheets). The “clover” and bow template will look best on heavier card stock. The other templates are fine.

Cut out the base of the card (a “4 leaf clover” shape).

Fold along all the dashed lines. Make the folds crisp.

To make the folds sharp, we will roll the wooden stick over them.

Now comes the part that can be tricky, but it’s not. There are four hearts in this clover, with two hearts having a dashed line through the center.

The hearts without dashes are the front and back of the card and the two hearts with dashes are the “hidden insides”. All you need to do is push the “inside” fold (the fold that runs across the hearts). If you make sharp folds this should be easy (see video for more instructions).

When you push both sides in, you will have a heart shape.

Cut out 1 heart from the second page of the template. Use it as a printout to make 2 hearts from black paper.

You can also use other colors for the tuxedo heart shape.

Make a tuxedo

Take one of the hearts and cut a slit in it (as shown on the heart template).

You can place the template on the black heart and cut into it.

Fold as shown below to create a sweetheart neckline for your tuxedo.

Turn the black heart upside down and apply glue.

Glue the black heart to the base of the card.

Turn the card base over and glue the remaining black heart to the back.

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Open the card and write a message on it.

You can also have your child draw inside the heart.

Close the heart shape and decorate the tuxedo by attaching a button or two.

For small buttons, glue will work.

Color the bow according to the template or use the template as a template to make a red bow.

Glue the bow to a small clothespin (or you can also use a paper clip).

Use clothespins to hold the card in place.

Get the Tuxedo Heart Father’s Day Card Template Here

Get the Template: Tux Heart Card Template

Happy crafting!

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