How to Make a DIY Father’s Day Magic Card (Template Included)

This Father’s Day card is the best thing ever!

You’ve probably seen the phrase “I

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These magical cards may seem a little difficult to make, but once you make your first one, you won’t be able to stop! We make it even easier as you can get the printable template at the end of this tutorial.

They make the perfect Father’s Day craft project.

So what is that magic? Let’s take a look….

When the hero card is inserted, all you can see is a silhouette of a man along with the words “my father”.

When you pull out the card, a color version of the image starts to appear. Pretty cool right? Oh but there’s more!!!

To make this card even more magical, the card, when pulled out, reveals who the dad really is – a hero! With a symbol and a cape and all. How cool is that? And you can even add details to the background to make the card stand out even more. I think we can all agree that this is the best DIY Father’s Day card that kids can make.

The I love dad is magic card is similar, with the difference that it doesn’t reveal any hidden elements (unless you add them yourself). But it also looks great!

How to Make a Magical Father’s Day Card

What you need

  • our printable template (you can get it at the end of the tutorial)
  • heavier paper
  • thicker color printer paper/craft paper (we like Astrobrights)
  • clear plastic (perforated file bags work well – choose clear glossy – other clear foils will work too)
  • alcohol signs
  • coloring materials
  • drag
  • glue
  • stapler
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Optional: stickers to decorate the frame

We have 3 templates available – My Dad template, My Hero template, Me

Step by Step Instructions for Making a Magical Father’s Day Card

Print out the template. To make 1 card, you will need the first page from our printable PDF (for the card frame) and one of the other pages with the design.

Print the designs on white paper. The frame can also be white but a colored frame will definitely look better.

With the design paper, cut two rectangles along the outer outline.

With the framed paper and another rectangle, first cut out the frame (along the outside edge).

There is a rectangle inside the frame (marked with a full line) – you need to cut that rectangle out

The frame of the Father’s Day card will look like this.

Also, cut out a long rectangle (along the full straight line).

Fold along the dotted line.

Fold along all the dashed lines on the frame. It is important to make the folds as sharp as possible.

We often use a craft stick to help with this, running it through the folds.

Also, take the rectangle (without the design) that you printed on white paper and fold along the dotted lines, both folds should be facing the same side as the image shows.

Place the paper in the correct position as shown in the picture (back side of the paper facing down, folded), applying glue along the thin folded parts (both left and right sides).

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Make a Magical Father’s Day Card Frame

Place inside the frame as shown. The folded white part of the paper is underneath the folded part of the frame. Press down the blue part and also apply glue to the blue part.

Close the card, pressing down to let the glue set. You may want to press the card down with a book while you continue with the other steps.

The photo below shows a rough idea of ​​what your Father’s Day card frame should look like right now – it has “two compartments” – one underneath the white paper and one above (with the frame open).

Take the rectangle design and place it on top of the clear foil (or underneath). Use it as a template to create the same shape in clear plastic.

Trim the plastic part a little to make it thinner and shorter than the design on paper.

Place the foil on top of the design (aligned at the top), place both the paper with the design and the foil in the middle of the folded rectangle and staple everything together (the rectangle is decorative, so if you have trouble with this step, you can skip it).

Take a permanent marker (the finer the better) and draw thicker lines that appear on the design on the clear foil. From my father and a picture of a man.

If you are making a card with a boy

Remove the foil and color the design.

You can also color the design when you start the project but this will make it more difficult to trace if you use dark colors when coloring.

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Insert card

This part is the magic part! You need to slide the card with the design behind the white paper on the card frame…

And the foil layer on top of the white paper (between the white paper and the opening of the frame).

Push the card until it runs out.

If the card gets stuck, you may want to trim a little on either side. Push and pull the card a few times to loosen it – it should run smoothly after a few uses.

Great! You just created a Father’s Day card! You can also use stickers to decorate the frame for a little extra silliness.

Get Father’s Day Magic Card Template

Get the sample here: Magic Card FD

Happy crafting!

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